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8 If you can't we can Michelangelo Traffic and weather on the 8s Jack Taylor and the traffic center All right it's still a little delay in Maryland as you ride on 32 getting out of Clarksville headed toward 29 That is where we have the rack reported to be along the left side of the roadway causes just a slight delay South BW Parkway getting a little slower now headed down toward one 75 still looking good between the beltways on 95 two 70 southbound had been heavy in urbana headed down toward one O 9 so far that's it between Frederick and the lane divide should find year lanes open The possibility of a little bit of a delay again in Bethesda as you head down toward navy support Bethesda gay two is closed once again today You may want to use gates three or one Whites fairy roads closed between bud roden partnership wrote out of poolsville That is an emergency utilities zone Shady grove road westbound near two 70 We had word earlier of a fender bender Maybe that's gone Watch on Pennsylvania avenue going inbound your dower house road that broken down vehicle along the right side of the roadway There have been word of a broken down vehicle headed toward west friendship 70 east between exit 76 and 87 where the broken down vehicle uncleared if it has been moved out of the roadway hopefully so You'll find in Virginia looking pretty good 66 We'd get heavy out of a Gainesville riding into and through manassas The trouble is going to be before and after the rest area There have been two earlier crashes both have cleared the delays have not Rest to the right east you're looking good I don't think that one at the broken down vehicle had been reported eastbound near one 23 Hopefully out of the roadway to the right side 95 still remains off and on delayed Dale City going into lorton toward newington along the way near one 23 crashed sits over on the left shoulder You'll finding the express lanes three 95 north up near Washington boulevard It's a bus broken down assistance is there taking away that left lane One 23 northbound international drive and Tyson's got a crash reported to be on the northbound lanes at one 23 in the center of the roadway The good feed store America's arch support experts come in for a free personal fitting and test walk and see how good feet arch supports can help you live the life you love Visit good feet dot com today for a store near you Jack Taylor WT will be traffic Another cold start for us Here's Mike steinfeld A fairly quiet weather pattern for the next several days our next chance of rain out until Thursday For today we're going to raise your productivity to mostly cloudy a little warmer than yesterday our high in the upper 30s to lower 40s Overnight most of cloudy skies loads of being in the mid two upper 20s mostly cloudy skies on Tuesday a little bit warmer.

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