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Across South Florida elected officials police chief thing community members are taking part in a drive to justice caravan across Broward county this afternoon organizer Jessica Williams says they're joining together calling for racial equality and for the first time in years she feels like their message will be heard loud and clear for so long and not fallen on deaf ears now where the situation where it's a federal holiday people have to understand they have to be it I woke up this morning and I work on my iPhone calendar that was the best that I could have ever had three hundred cars are expected to take part in the caravan beginning in Lauderdale lakes and ending with a rally in fort Lauderdale hosted by the black lives matter alliance Wendy Grossman newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. and hundreds of South Florida Christians will be gathering tomorrow morning at fort Lauderdale's Carter park people are collectively crying out for positive change many of us believe that it is long overdue so we're having hi look massive career because the time of purchase now new dimensions Christian outreaches Judith sidecar says that they'll pray for the judicial system health care workers city officials and their families the walk will have stops at the fort Lauderdale police to Sistrunk substation Broward health and esplanade park and the time for warning is over as the state now shows a rise in corona virus cases Florida setting another daily record for covert nineteen today with over thirty eight hundred cases pushing the state's total to close to ninety thousand with new coronavirus cases at or near daily records and hospitalizations increasing Miami Dade is cracking down on business owners who fail to meet social distancing and mask guidelines police director Freddie Ramirez says they've already shut down businesses for non compliance and they and other county regulatory agencies are only going to get stricter we will politely talk to the management of that establishment there in violation for the greater good of the community we will call you and we will come back and follow all up to insure that you corrected those issues if not you will not re open while most have abided by the rules were merry's emits a month into the re opening so people are getting lax Eric Reid Regus newsradio six ten WYO D. orders unemployment rate in may fourteen and a half percent an increase of seven tenths of a point from April it's very apparent that leisure and hospitality is an area that is continuing to either see job losses or not gain them back quite as quickly and Adrienne Johnson from the D. E. O. says.

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