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Peting tune up for only $69. Right, thinking about all the gates and when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter with this in the WTO traffic center. Good morning, dean again, to caution for folks over in southeast Pennsylvania avenue, Minnesota avenue signals are doctors a repair crew on scene, however there are no police directing, so again, extra care and cost from an approaching a dark intersection to be extra careful there. Elsewhere in the district, no issues on I two 95 north of D.C. two 95 south into town, a suitland Parkway in south capitol street incident delay free. No worries New York avenue, northeast to northwest, running while on both sides of the freeway both I three 95 and I 6 95 so far. Now in Virginia, southbound 95 shed south route 6 30 Stafford ex at one 40 down toward centerport parkways at one 36, where traffic had been stopped as moving again, you get by single file to left through the works and delays are slowly easing there, but be aware they could still stop it again. So we're going to keep an eye on that for now. Should be extra careful, headed that way. Again, route one down the centerport Parkway has you rejoining 95 beyond the works and in any associated delay, 95 north still in good shape from Fredericksburg up to the beltway in Springfield, where it continues three 95 north punisher at north of edsel road up toward duke street, single left lane gets you by there is a sign directing you off the interstate, but you no longer have to take that diversion just stay to the left to get through what's left of the work sound rich hunter W chippy traffic. We've got a much cooler start across our area, so you'll need the jacket, something we haven't seen a whole lot over the last few days. High temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50°, little breezy

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