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I think you should go back to him because he's right for you. I am not. And it's so I think that this kind of common go has been my life in everything in the places have been through the books of read the people, I know the desires of nurtured and cradled, oh my life. It's all there. Do you know where it's going when no no, I never know. And I'm always afraid of where it might go. Because you know, we all when you in the boat in the notion, and you don't have any oars, which is how my life field. Yes. I know I can go and but in in my psychic life. I am a boat in the notion with no ORs, you don't take Chris. You don't move from one places the other you say, I hope the wind will take me to the right place because I have no no sense of where I'm headed. And when I write I have no sense of where I'm headed. Absolutely, none. And I love that. Is it cathartic view? All you just. Thirteen or something within your own life. I don't know. That's a very good question. I don't know what I'm searching for. But I know that on paper it is magnificent travel. I mean, my my stories are travelogue of all the places I might have had but never would will have but might still happen and repeating the same sentence because it's key. But my whole life I wanted. I don't want it. I hope I get it. I would afraid might get it. So I'm not going there. So I stay what where do I want to live New York? Yes. And no elsewhere. Maybe do I wanna take risk of moving to? I don't know why. Oh, Ming or Canada or Europe, which I love. But can I stand your for more than a week? I don't know. I better stay put in New York, then that's my life. But what you have given us is this most fantastic journey through books under. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me on j s men is the author of indignation, which is published by. Favor and it's out now. You've been listening to meet the writers, thanks to the production team of Christie, Evans jobs. Mcdonagh and mother LeBron. You can download this show on previous episodes of my website up from soundcloud, mixed clouds, or I on Georgina Godwin. Thank you. Phyllis. You've been listening to a special edition of meet the writers. You can hear

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