Wade State, Kate Ivy, Senator Bobby Singleton discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Alabama state lawmakers have passed a measure that can produce the toughest abortion law in the country. The Bill would imprison doctors up to ninety nine years for performing an abortion, and there are no exemptions for rape or incest victims the GOP wants to see the law. Spark a supreme court battle over Roe v. Wade state Representative Terry Collins, everybody sensing it might be time for democratic state. Senator Bobby singleton says apologized women, the Valla Bama full of this law that we passed the exception in the measure when a woman's life is at risk Republican governor Kate Ivy hasn't said if she'll sign it two more bodies recovered from the crash of two small planes in Alaska, the number dead now at six ten people were rescued after the planes hit mid hair both planes were carrying passengers from a cruise ship. This is Fox News. You know, a local news child is being blamed for taking his father's spare gun magazines and causing a lockdown at North Texas elementary school Ratto police say that a man called them yesterday afternoon. Letting them know the magazines and eight rounds were missing the school was placed on lock down the items were found in a restroom. It is not believed that the gun was ever on campus of the fire department has been named among the top in the state for pediatric care the award from the EM SE state partnership recognizes departments that focus attention on illness and injury prevention related to the child as well as expanding EMS treatment for children in the ambulance. A smaller quake being reported in Gonzales county, the magnitude three point one quake happened yesterday morning. Their smiley the US Geological Survey says no damage was reported. I'm Eric sharp from the way, I traffic.

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