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<hes> this is where though I don't understand the Kofi thing and like I said thank you to Cata for your giving me a perspective because what what else state and then I'll give you catez responses. I don't understand where this came from. All of a sudden in February coffee should be the champ like that's what everyone in in this little bubble of I._W._C. is saying like Kofi should be champ. Dud Dumb asses bidder eleven years he should and I say okay both by now why why not in January why not November. You're not nine at nine years went two years ago like he didn't do anything. Last two years at Sunday was like Oh we've been selling Kofi so Cata said is what we die W.. C. is excited about how is that a mid Carter. Who always been amid Carter could potentially become the champion of the world and that's a cool story and I say Yes to that I agree that would be cool right? It's fun to not always have brock listener and Braun on Stroman just <hes> recycling the title between the two of them. You know what I mean. It's fun to get new talent in there especially talent as good as Kofi Kingston but where I excuse me where I have criticism is this has this right now genesis. Is that why she is nothing had on this thing so as I'm calling it was summer slann where she said I've had enough of this. I'm turning heel but then we said no no Becky we love view you're just GonNa go ultra baby face and she punched Charlotte in the mouth and the the chips fell were they were after that and now we're we're. We're at with Becky Lynch as the man right I get that I see that that is a story. Kofi lost a match where he competed in our in events it like yeah it and it's odd because the part yeah there's nothing get behind like that right so let's say the whatever it is a fascinating comes up right and <hes> he wins. He's the Chan because there's such grants for will now what what's the story right leg is he. I knew day and like yeah and are you going to give biggie title shot if he wants it now. Those are fun stories that we could potentially tell but we're just being told as the viewer is a Kofi can wrestle along long-time okay. We'll can seth rollins and guess what they both lost that gauntlet match so am I trying to say that if you lose a long match your now a champion like I don't get whoa what happened. There was no. I'm declaring that I'm the best in the world there is no. There's no substance yeah. There's nothing to it. No I agree with that. <hes> <hes> so it's interesting to me that everybody was suddenly like yeah. You're right because it had had Moustapha. Ali Not been injured. None of this would have existed right and and to even a little bit of a larger point has the viewer I see Kofi who lost that match again. Remember he'd lost that match but what they similar skillset I can see we stop Ali Andrade. Do it another guy going back to our first story. WHO's just getting lost in the Shuffle Andrade who our awesome is he and now he's just like losing to debut anyhow but I'm getting back to my husband of his <hes> was managing right? I thought that was kind of cool Kafer thing but <hes> but going. Back to my point so what I'm told as the viewer is someone with a similar skill set is Kofi Kingston could potentially also do that. They just need the the opportunity to do it right so I think if Kofi can do that with the similar skill set so could could Mustafa Ali drowning but though maybe maybe but maybe just right right but what I'm saying is if I may if I was supposed to believe this is all real and my favorite guy is Mustafa Ali. I just say Hey Mustafa. Just ask for a gauntlet match. You'll get a title even if you lose. There's nothing that Kofi did aid that makes me go like that guy. He just didn't long mad. This is very easily manufactured. Now that tells me is Kofi got that kind of like sport if he would have done something like Becky Lynn did did he might have caught lightning a bottle also for a long period of time right there might have been the feeling this could disappear very quickly and I feel like you do it will because another thing that as a viewer treating treating this as a you know entertainment product that I'm just viewing I I know that this will go away because as I seen Kofi Kingston Career Solo that's what happens right. He'll do the amazing street fight fight match with Randy Orton and Madison Square Garden and then he'll go to the first pre show match or he'll win intercontinental championship from the MS on a brand new show on a brand new channel then we have a track record of Hey Kofi awesome in the ring but if you give him the ball a eventually he's GonNa Fumble it and that's what I've been taught as the viewer so again. You need to tell me why it's different this time around because the only thing he's done is he's lost a couple close matches and he's pin Daniel Bryan but again that was in the gauntlet match that he lost any pin Daniel Bryan and a six men tag not getting the Kofi thing again. I'm not trying to hate on it. I'm thoroughly thoroughly confused as a viewer and don't tell me the K. fehb shoot stuff. I don't give a shit now. We'll say <hes> atmosphere throw <hes> is chairman of the little more positively than we are in saying if there were more pancake branches the world it would be a better place Hashtag tweet the table. I love it. You know there's getting really I think the person who's lost the most though from this Kofi push is A._J.. Styles don't you think I feel like ages. Styles was the champ that runs the camp or whatever it is fun. Phrases are and we all look at him like yeah. This is arguably the best wrestler right in the process of losing Daniel Bryan now. He's just getting pancakes expand to him by the new day. Like what a fall from. That's the dude to hey. You're excited right because Kofi got the title shot it wasn't you A._J.. It was comfy. Shouldn't you be happy for maybe facial right yeah. You guys are faces right so your friends your best and you love this. Your best friends and you love this and you want to do the sense. You're a kid right right so yeah man Kofi. We'll see man if he can capture that momentum's as he talked about and do something with this but I'm a little worried. Just just won't so yeah I. I hope that you know what I would do. If I'm fantasy booking teaneck storytime right when I do is I have Kofi again. Come up short fastlane the next smackdown after that pay per view. He realizes the only reason that he's coming up short. These matches is he's being held down by <hes> Xavier your biggie and we get a he'll Kofi Kingston which we haven't really seen solo and that's the spark that maybe gets him to that elevated A._J.. Styles Daniel Bryan Samoa Joe. Maybe right well. Let's wrap it up with some final tweet the tables before we get Outta here on these are some fun. Little Youtube can play along use Hashtag tweet the table on twitter and we will read some of the best of them on the show right here like <hes> at Bien or score double underscored de who says Hey Champa walk into smackdown smackdown live on your knees fucked up Hashtag tweet the table yeah that didn't get at all no. He was hobbling not so well right immediately afterwards. I was like Oh this is gonNA suck at double. A. Underscored W I._R._A.. Says if you could what would you give for a name to the trio of Barron Corbin Bobby Lashley and drew McIntyre has to they will first of all what the fuck was at all about Lashley is pissed at rush which is understandable because he cost them the match and then he beats him up even after thinking it wasn't GonNa but then he beats them up but cool but then he just is back again not three Amigos I understand the Bobby Lashley Leo rush thing continuing one thing that yeah because one thing that I if you're following these guys on social media which is part of the story lines now we will Russia's like hey man. I'm so sorry if you see this hit me back I can understand the Leah Rush. Leo Rush Has Stockholm Syndrome and needs to be with Lashley Lashley just sees them as this pity that he just brings along with them. I understand like them up on the paper view but on broad they're still absolutely but this trio of just big guys. I don't get it like yeah I would have yeah why would a bartender a psychopath half and a bodybuilder be friends. I don't understand the three in there now none at like you look at them and nothing says oh because they all entered the same music or right Oh they play basketball or or they all like to lift the same because they you know what I mean like something's not or they all. Hey guys with long hair or something yeah no. There's really a weird yeah like it's just weird like I don't understand it. What would I give them as the name though I would give them? The future endeavoured crew like is this is this the noon approved three main band well. They're a little bit more serious this than three main band yeah yeah something adrenaline calm adrenaline some stupid like that being a score double underscore de says it's officially fucking Ambro season and that's why you give it two weeks notice. Another two months has take to the table yeah. Well you know contract. Negotiations worked out a little bit further yeah. Although I will say I hadn't been not entertained by the short segments eh been in right who are you. Who is E C One too? I like that and then this week because apparently he's <hes> he's just like seth were you. It's like you know what I love to have. You complete loss your mind the end to think about it. He's like I haven't. I haven't hated the segment two minutes. I'll give them that. <hes> at hallmark of Swedes says someone call a Doctor Charlotte has been stunned by a B. Hashtag tweet the table. It gets worse every time she must be going. Here's on every off-day to plastic surgeon. What does she fucking do? Doing one thing that irritates me is a fraud. I just don't like frauds and I'm not saying if you get any type of plastic surgery your fake. I mean right you like you have fake boobs or fake news right but like you're not you can still say like I'm a real genuine person and have cosmetic surgery right but own it the part that irritates me with Charlotte issues like I have flaws and I live with those every day and who I am is what makes me beautiful well. Who are you because you're extensions your bright.

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