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Good morning i'm david and then i shouldn't it there was a time when some african americans frustrated by segregating in the united states found greater freedom in france times of changed but there is this connection a residents between france and black americans and now paris is the location of a new exhibit of the works a black american artists like jacob lawrence lemaire beard and and face wrangled when you hear about their work and the story what you're really hearing are some lessons in american history and p our zone are beard slid reports when curators daniel should tv set out to put together innings a bit of the works of black american artists he realized he needed to provide context the french he says are not familiar with the history of things like jim crow segregated and that shaped african american art jim cause that doesn't mean any seeing for for us on so i had the idea that this show really work well would need and you spots you know these took command finish and the color line as the exhibited the in these and this called offers some six hundred original works in documents relating not only to art like to send among literature photography and music richard powell as an art his story in it duke university he consulted with see team on the exhibit this exhibitions amazing in the something kind of some pull the same time something quite remarkable by providing a history lesson through um african american are house as the exhibit has also brought to like you knew works he was us founded by a collection of water colors and rawlings found in a room museum in eastern france they were creations of artist albert alexander smith who is also a soldiering world war one he was document in as a black soldier the line if of his fellow i'm soldiers i had no idea these these pieces success until daniel said riddick guess what i author lind era viewers spent five years researching her book forgotten about a black american division on the day thought she knew everything about african american soldiers in the two world wars until she came to this exhibit he points to a film showing the harlem hell fighters playing on a wall the world war one black regiment had a reputation for being ferocious in the trenches and were said to have introduced jazz to france.

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