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Now that's eight six six the number for bed now state of the art the real news on the corona virus at the top and bottom of the channel I know that we will achieve victory and quickly returned to the passes exceptional health safety and prosperity for all of our citizens on real news and information five seventy JLI yeah five seventy KM one of the frustrations that we I think we've all been dealing with is we get through this is wondering what's the end game going to look like at what point are we going to be able to go back to work what will life when will life let us get back to normal and there's really no answer for that right now we don't have one and I don't know that really anybody can offer one no matter how in depth you are with the corona virus and its effects around the country I I don't know who can offer that end game nobody knows the virus is going to do with the virus is going to do we can only try to mitigate the circumstances as best we can one of the things that I've been seeing and I always tell you I watch the media so you don't have to I hope you're not because if you were you'd probably be ready to jump off the top floor of your building quite honestly I just don't see a lot of things being offered in cable television or any of the network news shows that are offering any hope any positive vision of the future all they're doing is now looking for blame we got to blame somebody we have to point fingers with the Monday morning quarterback and what they're really doing is they're rewriting history for example this morning I happen to catch a little Joe Scarborough on MSNBC he claims that unlike the trump administration everybody saw this coming in early January everybody saw it coming which actually is a lie but let's just operating his ball park for a moment everybody saw coming and so the question needs to be asked well Joe if you knew that a deadly once in a century pandemic was about to descend upon the nation in early January why didn't you say something about it why didn't you pointed out why didn't you say Hey viewers of MSNBC we should all begin social distancing why didn't his producers book a single expert who can tell if you were to start wearing masks to shutter their nonessential businesses and avoid church in sporting events in fact I would ask why he never mentioned corona virus at all even in late January a full month after supposedly everybody knew Scarborough show was nothing but Donald Trump impeachment twenty four sep his network was as well in fact in the entire month of January morning Joe didn't reference the coronavirus wants to anybody but everybody knew and now what you're going to have to put up with over the next few months especially as we get closer to the election is how trump knew and did nothing everybody knew but trump did nothing because he doesn't care about us and now after about a week of that economic dislocation as we continue to climb up the exponential curve of cases of deaths the president is now listening to voices on the right the same really what's a million seniors when you're thinking about the whole economy that's slightly caricatured but only slightly I should know this is been AT central conservative right wing idea forever it's it's the same reason their arguments for why we don't need clean air regulations even if you know tens of thousands of people die every year from lung disease from additional pollution it's just that now it's being applied in this extreme case in the midst of a global pandemic and a growing exponential curve or you maybe Lawrence o'donnell the most incompetent and uninformed president in history has led the federal government into the worst emergency response to a pandemic that we have ever seen in this country one up and it goes on and on they all they're all doing that that's the story line now how it doesn't matter what trump does it doesn't matter what comes out of Washington it doesn't matter who says it it doesn't matter this story line now is we have to find somebody to blame an old look we couldn't get him on impeachment let's get him on this but the reality is you have unprecedented private public partnership but it's been put together in Washington by this administration and is dealing as best they can you can go back by the way two February as late as February and February twenty fourth I have a story here from a wreck television station in San Francisco Nancy Pelosi's walking through Chinatown talking about all the racism out there against the Chinese people because of this this virus is there and encouraging people to come out come on this is in February late February I have audio of state senator John Lou in New York state saying there's nothing to worry about and if you are worried about this coronavirus your cure your big the New York City health commissioner on.

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