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The new new California. Traffic laws are set to go into effect on New Year's day. Some of those include new DUI rules that will require more offenders to have ignition locks on their vehicles men low and zero emission vehicles will have carpool lane writes, no matter how many people are inside. It's a huge post Christmas rally on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average surged more than a thousand points, that's the biggest single day point gain ever. An African American holiday of Kwanzaa has begun with. Calibrations in L, A and other cities across the country. We are actually at the annual quantum rate in south LA has rolled into Lamar park festival chairman r w keel says the focus of this year celebration is about lending a helping hand we opened the fifty third year of the kwanza era the year of or I'll say eight year of ood Jemma, which is cooperative economics. Akil says the theme is more important than ever in south LA. He says gentrification around a new metro line is pushing some black families out of neighborhoods. They've lived in. For generations news is brought to you by some Lucks energy. Researchers say some vices can add extra years to your life. The UC Irvine is a twofer memory impairments and neurological disorders started a study fifteen years ago to follow how well people at different age groups function, experts monitored everything from died and activities to medical history. Medications then performed physical and cognitive tests. Turns out people who drank moderate amounts of coffee or alcohol, and we're overweight in there. Seventies live longer lives than those who made healthier choices. Researchers say once people hit ninety about forty percent also showed signs of dementia. Almost eighty percent were disabled officials say both were more common in women than men. Monica Rix, KFI news.

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