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The hand on the chest. Take a deep breath in XL out. And on we go. The new novel from Stephen Graham Jones is a tale of revenge, trauma and tradition. The book is titled The On Ly Good Indians, and The Story follows four Blackfeet men who find themselves haunted by a mysterious and dangerous being bent on revenge for a disrespectful act the men committed 10 years ago. It is spine chilling and elegantly Glory. Take, for example, this description of the creature appearing in one of its forms. Her face her head. She arches back her fingers deep in the meat and muscle of her shoulder, and her face is elongating from the strain her cheeks and shin tear with a wet sound and the bones crunch resettling. At the end of it. Her long hair is blowing away from her isn't connected to her scalp anymore and her face it's not a horse and elk elk head woman. Publisher's weekly said of the only good Indians. This novel works both as a terrifying chiller and as biting commentary on the existential crisis of indigenous peoples, adapting to a culture that is bent on eradicating theirs. Joining me now is author Stephen Graham Jones Welcome. Thank you for having me. So Stephen there these two avenues that to follow in the book, There's the actual horror, scary stuff. And then there's this very interesting and sly way. You subvert expectations about indigenous people but also explore the lives. Of indigenous people, So I'm curious. How is horror? A good way to get into some of those issues that you wanted to explore? You know, in horror. Really in all of fiction. In the most intense moments that we know the character best, so horror is just chock full with intense moments. A state that allows us Like immediate actors to who people are Let's talk about who the folks are. The four guys were being haunted and then ultimately sort of hunted themselves. Ricky Luis Cassidy and Gabe tell us a little bit about each. Let's start with Ricky. Ricky Ricky. He's a big guy. He didn't grow up. There really will be Indian Baird Hay and always a manual labourer. Which is what I've always been so he wouldn't need together, right? And Ricky Ricky Ricky, his little brother Cheeto. I'm overdosing on a couch from one couch. And you know that actually talking about that. Don't even think about that until I was talking about Cheeto. I was riding an elevator. Bozeman, Montana. Ah, dude, get on. We're going to the fourth floor together. We got to talking and turns out he's from Browning and One of my cousins had died on a couch that so that's me. What's going on here again? Cheeto from But Ricky's older brother Cheetos, um heat or injured, his pale skinned. I mean, he's still Indian, but He kind of has a crush on the regulation because of this launch area. Still skin? Yeah. About Lewis. Living living off reservation for a white woman. He's about two hours left the reservation in great Falls. He works for the post office. So he's working for the federal government. He's always teacher on his bike and drives. You got a dog You like. And Cassidy and Gabe. Happening gave that stayed home state around Browning Cassidy is engaged to be married after you know, kind of Ah, wild thyme growing up and Gabe has never let go of in 17 years old. He's still living like 17 36. So it's on the surface. These four men Shot a herd of elk on elder land. So on the surface, that's it's wrong, and it's disrespectful to the elders, but there's also a deeper crime. One that provokes revenge from the creature. What is it? You know, it's really to me that these four men out what they consider to be their last day of the hunt 10 years ago, Right before Thanksgiving. They kind of think that all bets are off that anything that filled the freezer. It's the right thing to do. They feel like they put in the miles walking through the snow. So now that Made whatever they do the right thing. And A crime that committed I mean, aside from being on elder land taken al commit for elders, which is essentially taking food off the elder's place. Um, they stand upon a ridge. And they just shoot down and dollies brown bodies, and they essentially become for a moment of recklessness, thoughtlessness. The cavalry who were standing up on a ridge above the Blackfeet on January 23rd 18 70 shooting down into us. Why did you choose to make it? Around Thanksgiving. This event. Oh, I mean voice. It's complicated holiday. I think. I mean for any of it's complicated, You know, we of course we want to get together. And like everybody does. We got some time off. But it's um you know, the legend is About At the time when Indians and colonists came together and celebrated and all that stuff. And of course, that's just a myth. Not what went down as I understand it, but Yeah, just competition. 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