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Lee loud back in the air shows does demonstrations in the mustang of video has a letter abbreviation authority to you. Know grants him the ability to do this without violating and erects. They also give in just straight up flight instruction in the to place mustangs that they've got rights and i haven't reached out to find out whether they've suspended pending the clarification from the faa But no one knows folks. Whether do they're not going to risk their whole operation doing this. This whole thing got started because a florida base operation with a to. C p curtiss p forty in certificates unlimited limited category basically refused to get a letter of of deviation from the faa even after the faa came with them and said. Hey guys you know we see you're doing this. You're you're violating the rags. I'll let us help you get a lotta to hand. And they basically reviewed said. We're going to keep doing what we're doing. And which were this case arose. Who was who was the plaintiff in the in the original suit who who actually parv justice. So faa wasn't it wasn't a suit it was an enforcement action okay and and the operator appealed or questioned the faa's ability to. I don't remember the exact legal basis that it went to court and went before judge but the judge in that rented this decision. That said you know you're carrying somebody get a grip here guys. And that's not the way this works. Yeah i hadn't realized that the faa was quote unquote plaintiff Which kind of in my mind begins to explain. Why the faa didn't immediately turn around and say no never mind. This is not that they sort of have to defend their position And so anyways. I gotta figure this is a question is gonna come up in the meet. The boss sex session if it happens. It's going to be a meet. The boss i sure. Of course. I don't know i also we're talking about oshkosh folks and One of the one of the annual sessions usually anyways is the meet the administrator which people have been nicknamed meet the boss I haven't used to be called. meet the boss. I think they. I think in the under jane garvey. I think but in but somewhere along the line it became much more efficient. And it's now me talking to talk the administrator or something like that and but regular folks attendees to stand up in the audience and ask questions. And i gotta figure that this would come up if if that session happens. Which time'll tell speaking of which. I got a kick out of the letter that the Alphabet set yeah. Just one sentence here made me smile. Says and i'm quoting here. Labeling the agency stance a reflection of quote unnecessary and unwarranted guidelines based upon irrational legal positions. A group of eleven aviation organizations respond to the joint letter calling for an immediate revision of the agency's position that this requires a letter of deviation authority and that the training is flying for hire when it's flying for flight instruction you pay the flight instructor and what about two guys it using our own airplanes. If they're not in a one thirty five operation they allowed to do that. It just makes things crazier and crazier it does. And that's really kind of tack. That i took my. I started looking at this at this. Was if if any is basically saying that flight instruction is a commercial operation. And that's okay. That's the real. I think long term danger here. I think they could. They could put up for him up on the website. Here's your loda sinus and back to a. Sometime and be done with right but they're not. Yeah it's it's. It's a mess because it's based on i mean You know that Traditionally this is this whether or not this is against some rule. It's rule that's been accepted accepted. Kurt forever and the agencies given up over time its ability to regulate this activity in this fashion because they chose not to so yeah for years for decades anyways. We'll see what happens. We'll report back but against right now because you cannot prohibit flight training that's just nuts. It's f for those that are interested. This little bit of bureaucratic foo bar came from an april two ruling by the. Us court appeals for the district of columbia is denying a petition. to review. emergency cease and desist order issued by the f. a. against florida-based vintage. Flight school warburg adventures. You know there's no desist and other courts in federal court. It seems like crushing. it doesn't mean anything anymore. Well the okay. That's a that's we'll bring that up on the on the on the legal industry podcast anyways. All right moving on here so camp after dark had hey. I had eight nine c. okay. I had a really nice segue a minute ago. But it's gone now so we're a little over two weeks away from air venture oshkosh and it's You know in these pandemic times it of course is going to be an interesting adventure First of all let me just say a few words about About uncontrolled airspace at at Air venture So we going back to the spring we as everyone knows or most people know we chose not to attend sunan fun because we felt like the conditions were not conducive at that time and i think that was still the good decision. we I'm going speak mostly for myself. And the number. Let you guys chime in here. Conditions have improved dramatically since the spring. And i personally believe that is reasonably safe with certain precautions to hold an event like air venture And so i you know. I sort of endorsed that they are going to go ahead with air venture and and i personally intend on attending At least for part of the week. I'm mary may not stay the entire week mostly unrelated to kobe just for personal reasons. I may not stay the whole week but But i do expect to go and so i'm a i'm all excited quite frankly Oshkosh in general and oshkosh returns and air flying's return and all this. I'm looking forward to it I'm i'm driving on the lender two weeks two weeks from yesterday theoretically drive away and going to pitch my tent in camp bacon again this year and visit with all my friends and coworkers from airplanes and do some stuff and so So there's that we we're going to do very limited or reduced you cap presence at oshkosh. Even though some are all of us will be there. they will not be a sunday morning live show from the from the announcer stand Mostly because it's unlikely to all three of us will still be there on sunday morning We up sadly we've decided to not do tie-down party this year. And i know a lot of people look forward to it us included but For a number of different reasons. We're not gonna do a tie-down party at at our venture this year I fully expect. It will return next year but not no tie-down party this year and I would imagine that we will do some sort of daily episodes For whatever duration were therefore so So it's kind of it's it's it's not nothing but it's not like usual hats and it's gonna be fun i it's going to be a crazy show. I think it's going to be huge crowds but having said that. What are you guys. Want to say about your intentions and plans and whatnot for air venture into weeks now. My yeah i know i'm honestly on defense right now. Yeah but unrelated to kobe right. You apparently unrelated to kobe. Just raise it that you know unrelated to covid. There's personal stuff going on. That makes it difficult for you to be there. That would work okay So what's your situation. Well i've got a lot of conflicting deadlines. Work work related deadlines. I also don't have a place to stay since we're not doing the trader thing again this year.

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