Amy Cockney Barrett, Lily, Benjamin Netanyahu discussed on KC O'Dea Show


I want to talk about a huge win. I want to talk about Amy Cockney Barrett. Some of you have been paying attention to the confirmation hearings. You know that she came out of committee unanimously yesterday. Of course, Democrats boycotted. But that is that. Is that really anything new? I remember sitting on the house floor five years ago, 2015 or standing on the house floor when 30 something Democrats, Lily boycotted the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from Israel because they didn't like his relationship or something that he had said Republicans did this. They followed through the car on the Constitution and voted through what I believe is one of the most accomplished qualified nominees, at least since I've been paying attention to my adult lifetime, as some of you have seen the picture of where she has no notes as well, Maybe that's a Republican thing right now. The disclosure I am using notes this morning. Nevertheless, when we see someone of this caliber Who understands the fundamental importance ofthe why it is important to stay true to the Constitution. I think it's huge and listen. Here's what I tweeted at last week, This lady was the smartest person in the room. Get to the place where these senators, they even want to try and challenge her because she was so accomplished and she was so confident. This makes me proud off. The kind of justice is Donald J. Trump has nominated Listen, I and I get it as a former pastor. I get sometimes what we didn't like the way said this. We didn't like this tweet we can talk about, although that all of that But when you look at what he has accomplished in following through what he promised when he said, I will nominate conservative judges who do not legislate from the bitch that is exactly what he has done. And Amy Cockney Barrett is going to do an incredible job. She reminds me of what is good about America. A strong woman, a loving mother who could take on and beat the boys from their home turf. Yes, she has a conservative worldview. But if you listen to her, it's one that is full of grace and mercy. Even when she's setting under fire in being attacked for her religious beliefs. May we're off to a great start this morning were here live.

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