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Way. Yeah definitely you do you like you know. I definitely always trying to national as a chance but like you know. There's a little the little things here and they're like little. Bill talks in my forehead like a head. Start doing it. I was getting a wrinkle right here. Small forehead in a very expressive guys. super battery will year novels. Like i can't have that wrinkle on. tv You know so. I had to get the ball. Toss in the forehead like it's pressure because i'm obviously not camera non. Stop in. there's those moments where it's very close up or whatever so i had a. I got an accident in east. Two teeth out will this. Once you've got knocked out and then this one died and so i was able to keep my teeth. Put a bond on this one with kept getting yellow. And i was like i can't be on tv like this. What am i gonna do. And the dennis was like you gotta give years you have to give nears and so i got bakti because i felt this pressure like i'm smiling and laughing all the time on camera. I can't have these two yellow teeth driving me crazy. I got my teeth done. I'm so much happier with minute. Teeth they definitely like. I think that changed. My face made it more like how bra But you know there was a lot of pressure for that and see how have as maybe she just got. Invisible line or maybe. She's got him white. That wouldn't you know area pre decent. He has aptitude team. You know got damaged or whatever accident. It was like. I just had to do it. I can't be on camera with a logo. Yellower like when she doing this girl's in smiling all day like she definitely make decent money like geez. You get her teeth. So i didn't want wanna look like i just didn't care. I feel like if i wasn't on tv. I think i probably wouldn't care as much about those things. Like i'm aware relaxed. Chill person like. I don't think i've ever cared so of all pretty confident in my skin. I think that it is being on tv. Non stop in knowing that there's going to be a billion reruns enviable Non stock that that is me that you know the normal. Listen we have literally come out the gates running with this view you are so infectious. And i'm just like getting into a get nick to it. You don't understand so happy to be doing this like me and my girl. we did. Destiny's child for like three different little talent shows and we always one. We did destiny's trial so it was like a like almost like a good luck charm for for kids should know. Bless you great now. I even told kelly. When i met her ridiculousness i was like we have so many people and i think i'm more nervous when kelly ridiculousness than you. Don't yeah. I grew performing your songs in the talent show. Like is crazy Be talking to you. Let's throw some respect on the music side view in the artistic side of you. Chanel you release your album in twenty twenty and as i was reading just doing my research it was what four or five years delayed it was like forever delayed so many reasons i was trying to like just like figure it all out. I guess you could say that. I was like you know what i'm just gonna keep moving independently and just do what i wanna do. I wouldn't call it. A delay came out when it was supposed to come out exactly exactly. It's all about timing. And i feel like it was god's timing to have have you know acting like the pandemic happened and we all use that time for what we could. I just felt it was the right time for me. Like i made a couple of songs that are on my album during the pandemic but riot the beginning of it and i feel it just being different times inspired different inspire different music. You walk us through that so was It was interesting. Like i've i've been you know lucky to rope in la. So i'm recording like pretty dose studios like sixteen and during the pandemic our wording in a little tiny a room in my house. So i took it all the way back. It was like a win reverse you know and probably made some of the most incredible. So that's that's what is all about. I think is just like is not about the the big studio or any that stuff that's about the actual song you're making and the message behind the feeling. I had so much so many billions from relationships to about things going on in the world and i just wanted to get more my story out about what i've been doing my career so i think for for music artists like i went in a lot more with the with my story and and just talking about different subject matter on this album. I didn't know you got some vocals. Thank you and sometimes there's some people that talk and you can even here in there. Even the way they speak calm. I wonder if they sing. Do they have that cool. Raspy miss a little bit in their singing tone. And you do yeah. Listen yes you can rack okay. I'm gonna just say this continued doing both thank you. I appreciate back continued doing both your about meditation. So am i. I'm i'm about mindfulness. i'm also about putting it into the atmosphere. What you want right because a friend of mine. We literally just worked looked up the word future. It means the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing. Some will ask you for your future. Who is someone that you'd like to work with musically there's so many people A there's a lot. I really think though that And i've said this so many times. I was like he has to get google alerts or something. I really wanna work with drake. I still am never put out a song with lil wayne but i worked with wayne and look up to win so much so i still wanna put out our wayne believe okay work together. But i've never even got in a studio with drake. And i feel like i love the fact that he wraps and seems like i do both as well. I've had people in the past like you like drink like a female drinker. Whatever I would love to work with great. I just love all music. I feel like he can do no wrong. Every single song he puts out is hit no matter what so really would love to work with them. Do you think that rapping singing is a new standard. Like you.

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