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Allround by alex cobb in his representation well let's see dylan bundy has spring training area of nine kevin guzman his he's been fined enter kashmir has been indra cash chris tillman has six walks and one strikeout and spring training so maybe the oil is just looked at crystal thought we don't we really want to have to rely on that i don't know visiting they came into the season with literally two starters worth anything so some credit to them i guess for for plugging those holes but chris tillman andhra cash ner an alex cobb this is still a lastplace seemed to me yeah there's been the sort of new strain of analysis or maybe it's almost a throwback strain of analysis this off season because there's been so much concern in discussion about the player shave revenue in the free agent market falling off that i think we've all kind of realized that if a team saves money probably that money is not really going to the fens pockets or to the players or to anyone really care about it's probably ultimately just going to the owners there may be exceptions to that their owners who may be are investing in ways that are not reflected in the major league payroll but on the whole team saves money no one's really benefiting from that except someone who is already rich enough to own a baseball team operated baseball team so i think there has been this response that if a team signs a player to a deal that maybe we once might have criticized than there's a tendency to say well you know if they hadn't spent this money.

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