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The economic and political power structure when the school board years back says. We're gonna outlaw critical. We are proud. And i look at it. This is not about democrat oak and it is not about region or our banner we have increasingly complex and uncertain future and the economist. And all of these other publications years ago. Were saying that your child in the third grade now doing work that doesn't exist yet. So what we really need to be focused on is probably understand so our we understand each other and how megyn our way through things by asking questions humidity go i practicing curl robbie one listening owning. We're actively considering what i was saying. We don't learn new. Schools are still in school. We don't know how to be mindful. Young learn were will or. I don't have a good argument with somebody. And you really important skill so when you asked me about how we have so many people would understand that said no crackers when we have a lot more than we think the mob the mob beer warehouses greek on america code of silence. Here a lot more of those guys in the media talking about the bad things about their prakash than i do teachers except when their lives are threatened by having to go back to school during pandemic nobody's grew as a pretty extreme condition and yet got so many other dumpster fire. People can probably panic about that. I think when we look at our children's future there's no cost learning this year. Every young person i know learned a lot. Since last march martin campuses were closed. What they're learning whether it about presidency whether it is race whether it's about what's important to know open question in every single time or i haven't even been snooze and i asked him what is going to be interested in. I've never had a loss for an answer. It takes them awhile thinking about it because they've never been asked and those modes of atrophied and they don't have gained looking like a good student once they get that i really okay then really interesting in a hurt and i am in administration. Probably some of the bad guys in most people's is one of the saddest things i think in my career is when i run across a student. Who's about to graduate. And they don't know what they're gonna do and you don't they don't even have a clue of even trying to find out and it's like pulling teeth it's like they owe you money or something just clams up. And that's so sad that we have children who have shut who have played the. So much that they have just cocooned him sales into a not known their own future. So i find it frustrating as an administrator to see her net appreciate you as an administrator difficult job and you have to go through acculturation into those roles again. Those games and by the time a lot of people do they lost the initial something that drew them to their professional burglars. Neil jurgens ation to execute that level of wire and thing to do a lot of administrators. We both met over the years if something goes wrong about this theory stars whatever lighten either given up regenerate a long time ago galaxy way when they still believe beijing in conversation be rightly. Appreciate a man so hard. Working teachers get training to incorporate these ideas into their curriculum soccer individual coaching. Our group words will docker battled news and for organizations associations and unions by me and my website david dot all finding on twitter at learning. And you know. I heard you say about young person who who's on our brand new not knowing making something. They don't usually usually come back with something like yeah reading the rodeo repairs. We say shit in this box thing that way though rings and by the way but he thinks that the bill and pavlovich psychological just as a reminder your audience with them a teacher and i can't help myself. He was not a columnist or a psychiatrist. It was not a mental or additive function of shallow me. When the bell rang he was a medical doctor was busy argument and physical response. So we're not even reaching unbelievable. Mind those kinds of practices. Were treating them like dogs. And so when. I hear a young person means school like that. And they're allow readings whether it's a barren whether it's a racial or ethnic cultures. Most of my students are coming from central america. Where in the. I am news considered disrespectful. We don't really understand those dynamics because there are no trainings for that. I was lucky in the sense but i grew up in los angeles and i learned from all sorts of different people with all sorts of different backgrounds. My friends and my neighbors and my meeting where my agents but it is a disconnect because on the one hand i wouldn't take advice for my eighteen year old so so not knowing the old plan when you're that old okay. There's some beauty in that actually. Is we get more information. Americans change careers something like six seven times but at the same time. He's cruel unusual to say shit still. He derives on your own paper. Don't speak don't even go to. The bathroom was raising and gone through all that back before anybody document within his about campus. When i come back again when you go into the working world twi can you communicate more effectively. Be a better player. Solve problems cr tunes and when you asking the question about what i've seen from school i think it's we need. We need to address. Bunny and the need isn't push people through a battery model just toward the university requirements or graduation credits. We had our be more minor that is creating into society but isn't donal and when you look at documentaries social runner or when you see what happened recently capital or when you see what happened with george floyd. This is literally bars and i think where point where for a long time. It was not to say. Now william. I know that mrs jones as we go through that and personalities and beside you graduate you'll have your parents not better just throw it through appeared lot social contract bro not ethical or moral shale young person. Just supper i had to get now. Nobody knows next in colleges and universities are gonna profit margins instead a whether getting out of high school so i really think that we haven't talked a little bit more about peril than the opportunity we can people themselves again instead of playing a role writing murky at his gray line about her stage. Never been on a first date your representative and when will show up in school bowl place. It's a dangerous. Not just in terms of violence or bullying or medical of us but in terms of being who we are and having our integrity connecting our thoughts and our words and actions so opening the source reconnecting the passionate curiosity that anyone who's been around binding rules is just offer charters one to integrating dipper really wonderful resources in school. I'm not on school. Were for the only place where you later person on campus everywhere else in all you got architects enhancer problems. Because they understand the design and structure so having an interdisciplinary experience and back owns the source and then using the internet not only help with our unit driver in our democracy in our lifestyle but using that as a way to connect with people all over the world based on our interest. I or not that. We created some trust and interdependence will use the worry backing off on the internet. And that's terrible there there you side. There's like born gambling on my adams's news. Go through this. i'm advised. Where rebounds a mormon. Nash do wrong thing. Online verse excellent. I know exactly what you're talking about. Because i used to do the same thing and it's it's a mind shift in order to get educated on board with the way education is going. It's not even where he is. Now where we're at now education past that an order for us to be a viable nation and have sovereignty as we have experienced it which is a good thing for us all the sovereignty of america in order for us to continue that we need to reshape. How we educate our students. I want to thank you for coming on the show. My brother that was an excellent wacky. We find you on twitter. I'm learning and my website. Is david preston dot net jan reunion when you got an email. Aggie happy to reach out to anybody. Drew that website by the weather's contact form and that actually dumped into my email. And i to everybody right now with that we re shake. Hey man odd. Thank you for work or wavy man. This is a snow pacalypse right now. It hasn't been thirteen degrees in texas and about seventy years. Everything is a little different here. I was hoping that we was going to make because a lot of my co workers are out of power right now so. I'm glad i could talk to you. Say warm i appreciate. You appreciate the work that you've got you because we definitely gotta dig into the john wounds store as a matter of fact. I'm going to invite you right now to come back. We're doing a march madness segment where we're talking about basketball tenants the framework of basketball in education. I want to invite you back on for march. Oh if that's okay good. I'll send you some dates. Amen thank you again for coming on all right take it. Easy time for flip tips. Today's flip tip is brought to us by janet spire so today's lesson it's hotter. Share your flipboard magazine on social media. More open flipboard and navigate to the magazine of your choice. Select the three dots on the top right side of the magazine. So that share the magazine from the top and dragon navigation down. Click on your magazine to select share. Scroll pass a social media icon. Select one to share for your magazine. Type your post information. This elect tweet to share it. Check your magazine post all twitter or facebook regulations. You shared your first flipboard magazine. Fam- thanks for sticking with me on this episode. I want to thank david preston for taking the time to talk with us about his book. The academy of one. David is an educational consultant. And you can find him on social media. If you're looking for presenter or professional development opportunity you can read more about this episode and other educators on educators blog. All flipboard dot com. I wanna give a huge shot off to a lower in crystal vander for the editorials on the flip. Edu educators blah. Remember to subscribe to our flipboard. Edu magazine which is also found on flipboard dot com. Also a special shout out to my colleagues and our student to live through snow. Twenty twenty one went without power and water for a week. That's a slight glimpse of what stupidest experience on a daily basis. We all can change from this experience for the better. please subscribe. share our podcast with an educator. Podcast was available globally and everywhere. You listen to podcasts. So until next family stay warm..

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