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Lacombe out Bosch locked the door the door wasn't long. Yeah. Kevin's doing trick. Well, nice trick. Kevin frigging. Maybe spill. So let me talk about relationship, George, please. I the world's are colliding. Because Megyn I didn't episode of love it or leave it, which is I am, of course, a political junkie obsessed with political. I love I love I love the social liberal. Yes. Fiscal liberal. Yes. And that's what we talk about on that show. Vote. Yes. And we and you we go on the show vote. You. You talk about political and every. He sort of screaming with a lot of other people sitting next to you about vote and about, you know, like, Cheeto and shave everyone with a vote, and is it now as every. Everyone inside. Everyone is a Bernie, bro. A cheat. Oh. Covington Catholics cook it, and I t j and an I T J, and does our enemies is this, right? I've only I haven't I don't know the show. I don't know politics. Where I grew up. We didn't have that. That's sad. Because where I grew up people people hell. Hell people believe in something people are upset, but people are talking to each other and people are watching news, and it's different types of news, depending on belief news junkie town, I hope in his tank town. And so I I had a lot of like a rust belt town where everyone these days is a news junkie. Yes. I grew up in Ohio next to farm, so and that's real only about farm. I was big, and what was cool about farm fellow farming brat with Sean. For my farm. Big farm had farm had a real barn. Farm had corn most of the time. But not always and farm went on for a long time. But thanks thing about corn. You have to know far. It's only sometimes only sometimes and you want it to be all the time. Yeah. I remember waking up on farm day when the things pop out of the out of the soil and seeing that there was not going to be corn that year, and I was gonna have to wait at least one more year to eat corn. This kid's the real deal as you're right. He does know farm because sometimes the bills get there. Well, yeah. Are still recall waking up going to try to beat up to be vols? Walking down Milt, the goose everything get your hands. Please. With your hands. If you're lucky anyway. So we did love it or leave it. Unfortunately was given leave it to the show. Given or. That's that seems better leave it to be. But it's so a big use. It must be tough for you too heavy, and if you don't have a boat, what's the point? What do you do? Would you do with your or repurpose it? It's like a big like crew or it's big. So I made ten hairbrushes out of it. And gifts to all, my friend. I was gonna say your hair looks good multiple brush. But is it true that you gave them to all your friends, but your friends at the same time had shaved off all their hair to try to make a big or for you. Well, I may or a boat for probably about a boat was giving them the brushes statement to tell them. I didn't like a the gift and be the look. Like, make your hair comeback. Yeah. Here's a brush, grow your hair, make your brush loser. But we did the show's giant smash smash show. We have been sort of touring around doing the episode again Aren parties into that show of our episode. Yeah. People people love episodes, so mostly we just transcribe our parts episode. And then say those parts up Assode people is not enough to hear that people want to see that. So when people see us to that they cheer, and I do want to point out that I was not I was explicitly told that I was not allowed to sit next to John. And that me too when I'm on the show. I have to say I've actually another room. 'cause I always try and touch him..

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