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Also solves out there. I commuted back and forth for about two weeks. Oh shit. Yeah. Yeah. It was like it was like a big thing. So each day, I got about a hundred and fifty bucks, man. It was it was like a solid amount of money. It's not bad Jane out and around and like eat catered gourmet food all day with her like, Jimmy like hot, chicks, onset or anything. Like, I don't know. Yeah. I mean, just like. The group that was in those gourmet food. Yeah. Oh shit like rich people food. That's nice sound only eat rich, people foods those fully indulged in that for sure yet. It's one of the things which people definitely got on poor people man, they got much better food. Yeah. That's where they spend most of that money for sure damn it's good. Holy fuck. So so onset. So I didn't get to actually meet Amler that sucks didn't expect you to be mainly because I was kinda starstruck. Also, he was within ten feet of me like numerous times on set with him. He was like right there. But I'll get first of all, you know, he's not there by himself. He has like his entourage. And like you have everybody around him to director who like everyone's kind of shielding him in a sense. Sam Sandler, you know. So he's like one of the most famous people on the plane. Yeah. So it's not just walk up to him. Plus other people were trying to squeeze their way in there. Also. A script Jaanus. They I want to go up to him in lag just shout like a Billy mass and quote. Yeah. And then he would probably hate me forever. Come pre trees. Tired of hearing stop looking at me swan. Yeah. You know? Yeah. But so I didn't meet him. Oh, by the way, Jennifer Garner's in this movie. Also. And she's definitely a mommy for sure. He is a mommy, especially if you see them in person like she's very attractive woman washer indisputable. Mommy. A believe. She's news to be married to Ben Affleck. Yeah. I don't know what happened with that. But his laws. I guess I think he bone the made or something they're always boning, the maids these believe it was the nanny Holly nannies, maids, whatever. So just for the record. If you're in Hollywood, and your dating a a fellow actor celebrity Lister shoot interview like the least attractive people possible for your assistant positions because you. You guys can't stop fucking them. Yes. Just stop hiring. Hot ones would be at least a step in the right direction senior best interest. You it's not gonna help. It didn't help Arnold. You know, didn't help Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you wanna see, you know, a mistake. Google Arnold Schwarzenegger made there you have a mistake. And this is no offense to you know, unattractive people. We all got our place but fucking shit. Holy hell. Anyway, what were we talking about saw saying that I didn't get to actually meet like these? Yeah. Like him or any of unit for garner was in the movie too. That's a big A-List. Actress also there's another one too on-sell L gore, which if you're familiar he's from a the fault in our stars. I'm not only, but that was a big movie. Also, a more recent movie movie called baby driver shit. I still haven't seen that I heard it was tied as plays. He plays the driver. A lot of people have suggest. To me. Yes. So here's a little the the what do you call it? I guess the the synopsis. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you a group of high school teenagers in their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the internet has changed their relationships. Their communications their self images in their love lives. And this was not like directed or written by Adam Sandler, it was. It was directed by someone else written by somebody else. Adam Sandler stars in it. As Don TRU be in Jennifer Garner's, Patricia boatman belt Meyer, rather Judy Greer's in this too. Yeah. There's a on new house forget some names there. There's a few people in this Rosemary DeWitt yet. Timothy shallow may what the fuck. Oh, yeah. Let's let's stop there for a second actually got to meet him on a half a million was what he's been doing a very, okay. Okay. So this is a cool story. Then sauna movie said you have a lot down time in between. We need a million. He's become one of the biggest actors in the in the world..

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