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And james and scott. Are you guys gonna break out The winter coverage what's the tannery. Yes so i'm i'm sticking to kentucky so by for pickle in the twin spires app for turf way every race day so we'll come forward to reverend repin the home team here james of course Heavy derby trail I forget when his report usually starts coming out. But i know we're looking forward to that And got We'll we'll definitely be in the gulf and then fairground stakes state of mind excellent. I appreciate it. Great work by everybody. this fall on the churchill. Front and We'll we'll check in wednesday's and and we'll macabre everything not just not just winter in in kentucky but You know we look forward to sam houston opening as as As a i it's really in fact Talk to. I think we're talking to steve asks later potentially and You know we we featured sam houston last winter and expect to do so again and the racing is a really really been good. I mean they've the they've done a tremendous job. Sam houston they truncated the meat and You know boosted purses this program in texas has been a smashing success and Not far off. I mean the there's really based on what we're looking at right now. Starting the way things are starting and and the way new york You the way the ecuador. The season is kicked off and should power through the winter. A lot of good racing yet to come and to look forward to ed derosa everybody. E j x t to add this was great. I appreciate it and we'll talk next week. Crown thanks steve luck at rosa and look at look forward to seeing what a miniature dachshund looks like because they seem pretty small to me to begin with i guess pocket-sized dachshund take a top of the hour break. And we'll come back with the sid fernando.

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