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And i replied in saying well what was the problem. Which ones were they enlist the last one. I hit reply and said well. What was it. Nope address not found. You can't appeal the appeal suspended without warning without providing a single bit of evidence of how we broke the rules. nevertheless everything has gone. Including i'm sad to say the video of the opening very opening of the ron paul institute where we had. Jimmy duncan we have walter jones all completely gone no warning. No anything and i was just appeal to people out there. If there's someone else that has an idea about what we can do because obviously we cannot get through to to youtube. We can't get any help. We can't get any response and we'll just gone. You know this could be settled in a free market and it would be through contracts. What do they agree to what they sign up to. Then there's also the principle the implied contract. You know that when when you do it When you join an organization something. The implication is is that they're not gonna give it to your enemies or your competitors and pass around. It is just so bad but they They're they're ruthless with this and Unfortunately is it has to be dealt with because there's legislation that's being proposed and sometimes i read it and you know i i i i see some. That's too broad for me. They just say thou shalt not ever say anything and it can't be that way they have to have have some rules about it but the rules now are designed by social media Which is a partner of the government and They share this information. So that's that's where i have a problem I just want to mention a couple little things here as close One one thing is United states You know is there still working hard on the Vaccine passport i. They still strongly believe in this and So but there's different countries have different passports. Passport is a passport isn't it..

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