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Yeah well I guess I better be going queen divide don't bother I'd probably only spend the money anyway goodbye I know you're dying to medium yeah hello yeah yeah and given the brown Harry Browne how do you do your imperialism power down Gracie iPad about all I can span of this thing people on the street is staring at me like I'm some kind of a freak what did you do phone everybody in town about this in my way now you mention it to people that can make that well this stops everything about but it may be the laughing stock of this whole time or were you don't thinking the the the great Henry the eighth they even lacked but if he hadn't invented them where with California being I want to hear anymore about it I'm going up to my room that your Highness for the rich I think it was in the attic start she's ever pulled I'm almost sorry I did marry the adagio dentures grant my across find king on can't even can't even go to a show when I want she wait a second a king can do more arm candy how about that hello queen all I can my majesty has been thinking things over by making a caring at all and the king can do no wrong right good how about going out with the fellas tonight to see castles with tour I thank my royal shall be the little diversion program then by all means go your majesty king what to do well hello I rule.

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