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Senator Jeanne Shaheen calling for sanctions against those responsible for the detention of an American citizen in Lebanon WBZ's Ben Parker just spoke to senator sheen about the man's case he joins us live in studio a bed Hey Jim Amar for Corey owns a restaurant in New Hampshire he's been in jail in his native Lebanon since September he's also been diagnosed with stage four lymphoma for Corey was raised in the Lebanon is being held on charges connected to time that he worked at a prison there but senator Shaheen tells me he's done nothing wrong I think it's a case of factions in Lebanon that thought they could use his imprisonment to stir up ethnic and religious tensions in the country Mister Corey is an American citizen he's from Dover New Hampshire he's had a small business there for years he's gotten raises kids in New Hampshire he's been a a productive community member he's loved in the community his bill which is cosponsored by Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz would ban visas and freeze assets of current and former Lebanese officials train says there's no evidence to substantiate any charges against record and she says he's in urgent need of medical care and needs to be returned home Ben Parker Boston's newsradio plants one seventeen now Harvey Weinstein facing a minimum of five years in prison for the New York rape charges he has been convicted of found guilty in the last half of a split verdict yesterday A. B. C.'s isheri Preston though is saying this may just be the start of his legal challenges will Harvey Weinstein faced more charges in Los Angeles now that he's been convicted in New York Ronan Farrow one of the first to break the Weinstein story says yes I talked to the assistant district attorney and Los Angeles yesterday and he said we are absolutely proceeding attorney Gloria Allred who represents a number of points in accuser says she agrees there's still time for more victims to come forward and testify potentially in LA and I hope that they do so Harvey Weinstein faces sentencing March eleventh Jerry Preston ABC news New York at one eighteen there is no information earlier today about the growing sexual misconduct outcry against a legendary opera star Placido Domingo told investigators from the opera performers you need he was just being flirtatious but more than two dozen people told the independent investigators they either witnessed inappropriate behavior or were sexually harassed themselves including suffering reprisals if they turned him down all this during the two decades to mingle held senior positions at Washington national opera and Los Angeles opera a separate probiotic is on going Vicki Barker CBS news it's one nineteen now one WBZ newsradio the corona virus appears to not be a major concern for those in Boston who are looking to travel abroad WBZ's James Rowe Haas telling us some local travel advisors are recommending some cautions Raval.

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