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Konecny one thousand nine hundred just Z and me the Almighty one Mike. Am Sells Ladies and gentlemen as see. I don't know there's a four hour time delay. We were supposed to go on at eleven. Am Eastern Standard Time Eastern Standard Time Randy And instead we are going on at three pm due to the fact that zoom decided to be a little bitch apparently according to our tech grew so she an auto dave zoom zoom fell down went boom new t shirt what. Newton's laws that explanations I heard you richmond. You don't ever met remember so you don't have to repeat matter. No I just views and opinions expressed early so I remember views spins are the brand new search that we have up on breaking down three dot com breaking down the Ring Dot Com. Click official merchandise. And you can buy views shirt or an opinion shirt was is way worse than the other when it comes to Expressing the views and opinions of the shirt of the show on the great segue. That was beautiful. It was wonderful ladies and gentlemen so last week. We Ran Our money in the bank predictions. This week we'll be talking about money in the bank. Ross GonNa talk a little bit about. Aws double or nothing. Pay Per view coming up. We're GONNA talk about how Becky Lynn's got pregnant because apparently the Irish eight to swallow loads or Rallies really likes taking people out of the wrestling during their major rudd. No matter what happens. Seth rollins is going to be the one making sure. You don't wrestle. Get very short and then of course. Jim cornets comments on the becky lynch pregnancy. Dana Brooks face. Jim Corner is being Jim Carney for the best for the fucking future. That's all he's ever GONNA do. We'll start off with money in the bank as it goes with money in the bank. You know what we did. We still our digital pro wrestling scores. You can go to pro wrestling scorecards dot com and you can fill out your own card for this upcoming upcoming a WWe. Nothing and again. Let's let's you know let's give you a heads up. We're GONNA talk about it but on the covered covered his mouth going shit. I should've hit you.

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