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Down to twenty three I think the better off but he didn't catch that later does the screen was white he was able to defeat the block is it a lot every level football just a quick throw out to the wide receiver who needs his body to block for second on a twenty for the twenty four receivers in a triangle left him a double sink a look to the right Johnson what the plow the staff is also one of the right hand is inside the twenty doubt about the nineteen yard line the quick healthy with the tackle to give a five until they're done fifteen houses with plays a pretty good football last couple weeks for Chicago in the region for the injured date for the for the sure hands I mean less than minutes the line did nine tackles and interception he is shown that he is absolutely in my mind starting linebacker in this league the former safety in high school safety as the junior western Pennsylvania school player who's making the most of this opportunity thirty fifteen for the nineteen twenty SI was looking right second step thank you looks like for the end it is not flag down I'll put them to the airport there was contacted a flag down in the end zone hello the more conservative the they went for now there's a long conversation how to say this is against this is our second very long talk with today the officials huddled around the five yard line the crowd assumes that it's against the bears some of the bears defenders was signaling that it should be against god well absolutely should not be against god posters green was the man and culprits I don't know how to be good golly they were both we hugged each other so what's on screen roots on nope nope but it's not on conversation continuing two thousand played one by using he is wonderful has the fear often thank this interference against the lions is against Morgan Jones that's a mistake there were three one five so I think that the medical your available to those guys which we're going to do that hello this is what the what the more we got the name wrong yeah they showed the replay still video will give you until there went both ways on a pass interference and they do it all again your third down to fifteen for the nineteen I think it's if you're the right our goal with the ball search let single band right suck up snap while back with low pressure coming rules these white blood gets outside the numbers a little ways we did exactly that down it's going to be a leader looks like a little it was just get rid of the while working with remember in school on the system Seoul leader still David Blatt of the turf they call them looking the passer penalty and the lines get a first down wasn't nearly as bad as Dave on wheels Mr busy in the head I mean as well the ball away winner Floyd postal that's almost like a make up pull we're not going on the quarterback earlier but it was cool to make a call I don't know about that one if you see me like you posted this well I was told the bold salute the ball down the nine yard line it'll be first and goal Todd Johnson in GDP kids sick in the game three receivers lot singled out of the right while back at the shot double Johnson it was less than what the right hand hopefully your trying to drive the pile foldable blow it did progress stop around the seven yard line again it's too big this was the first man to hit Todd Johnson Randall bring up second down a gold watch movie three forty eight to go here with the four stab lines on top forty to seventy what a huge belly that was his blow it done the right thing right and thrown the ball way Prater such.

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