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A month absolutely not. Levy, but it is a wonderful place to be I. Think we just need to make a few repairs on our own? What we think. We gotta fix the Fridge. We got you. Youtube we have to fix the plank on the. Link there's there's there's there's one little. It's from all the guy is just. It's starting to rise up. or On your deck on the debt gotTa fix that once for and also there is this thing where? If it is passed. If the sun has set, you can see enjoy apartment from two miles away. Leave the curtains there are no curtains. I took them down before we got there, and then we're like okay well. We're not talking. Put them up if we don't need them in my bathroom for instance Piss right here and then I'd look out the window and hope that someone in the houses next to me like one time just looks out while I'm pissed. Because there's no point to have them. They're like even if I'm sitting down taking a dump I'll peek my head over the alleged little. owner. But like there's no point to have. Her nudie of! Not having currents though the sun goes in, it's so beautiful. Curtains no, no, no, no, we don't. We don't. It doesn't make sense. We get blackout curtains for reason, but he's right. There so much natural sunlight in this new place that I mean it's probably like the opposite of the day after tomorrow with the sunlight to and makes the apartment book ten times big. Time exactly. Exactly and then all of a sudden, you can just walk over the freezer and boom. You're in the data tomorrow. That's pretty awesome. I share ideals getting the folder. I found this. This goes around every once in a while. uh-huh and if we had this, this is what we would do. It's the United States high speed rail system where the train goes at two hundred twenty miles an hour, and you could get from Indianapolis to New York. Believe in six hours is different from the Tusla like the Elon Musk Yes. That was only still in What L. A. and Chicago hyperloop rates. Train shout out Ilan for having a threesome with amber, heard and She's a photos. What do you mean there's photos? There an elevator and there awkwardly. Doing the the behind the backlog like. Be. Heard some of their. I'll. See Carol the Button Car Keira Carol Carol Devine. I love. Yeah.

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