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We'll say all right. Jonathan Bennett Taryn that was your first pick in the draft Jonathan I thought how solid night other than potentially going to be up on the block when he loses a competition to lock day. He had the best tonight of any of them until the final thirty second. When turned out to be potentially the worst night of all of them. So you know, fortunes rise in fortunes fall. But I thought he did pretty well apart from the twists. Yes, melissa. Do. You agree that Jonathan did everything right up until he did the wrong thing happened to him. Yeah. I mean, I feel like he was he wasn't as over the top as I thought he was going to be in the house. I mean, it's possible. They weren't showing us a lot of his stuff in the house. But I was very nervous. He was going to get in there. And just be so out there that people are going to get turned off. But it seemed like people seem. I really like him. I mean, he was picked first for the competition. So that's gotta means something if you go by elementary gym class, and you know, I just felt like he I loved his reactions in the beginning. When various celebrities were coming in like when the mood came in. Oh, my. Yeah. The whitest is I've ever seen. I really liked that. Because you know, I always thought that in the like backstage when they're waiting to be called on that they were kind of mixing and mingling with each other like or at least could see other like, oh, hey, you're here, you're here. Okay. Cool now, we're about Talgo on. But it kind of gives me the impression. I mean, it's possible that it's just totally fake. But it gave me the impression it's possible that they're handled by handlers separately. And then they bring them in wanted a time. So that really is the first time that they see each other on that stage. Turn what do you think you think that that is how it works? I think so I mean, there's no reason to not do it that way this if they want like big reactions, which I'm sure they did. So I don't see any reason to to doubt that also Jonathan had the sickest burn on the OJ and Kato kaylin of the night tonight. I thought they don't fail in is going to be a tough one to keep survive. The hardest of how ever. Ouch. Yeah. Jay jokes. Hey, that's worth. We're we're just reported on this show. Okay. Don't add us. Yeah. I mean, look, I don't know. I don't know that was Cato in his prime. Who knows what he knows what he's capable of. Now. Surviving..

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