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Mean we have more at least yeah. I think it's doable. I didn't kings cafes the place we need thank you. We have to get an open by the way such a fucking ass kisser. Mike Agree I love the way by the way just disagree with Kirk wants Matab. Won't it's not a good sign. You shows no no no you first of all did you really call it. Yes that was. That was renner field. Good Linda discipline either find any business in Canada and let's just talk to human being there aren't they're finding somebody who there sitting a person in the yellow gotta be. There's gotTa be a gas station a real estate office fucking something a something. Frontier Egg Elevator. That's McCall. That's actually a really good store by the way we do the show from there who knows. I may have a big conference room. What are they elevator? Repairs would happen while we're talking about this. I got a text from fucking Matt asking. If you WANNA be on fucking quantum weeks next episode said things get worse. She's I should say yes we will if you're willing to tape it in Colorado next week I'll meet you there. Well we come down there if it works. Best to drive up to New Hampshire town. Fine that the Tom we can if he wants to hear. It's fun. Come under the hill. Who must be to? What is this a lot of the Kirkman am I? Is this okay? Do you have anything in town? If we're driving through. Is there somewhere we can eat in town right now in? Yes no they. Close the diner down. Is there any venue for a show for the they could see the hundred people? Say Nodding generate. Oh no how when the diner is open. How many people does it seat? Roughly if you had to guess if I guess maybe twenty five okay. Finally we found a straight shooter kinrade well cain array though. So do you give them into speaker? Are you busy work if you are? I don't WanNa bother you busy. Yeah okay well. We'll we'll we'll play back some time and thank you well. People seem very friendly to. It's not looking good. I disagree I mean but but this is when you pull it off Steve. When we pull it off it'll be so much greater all right. Walk me through the logistics. What do you? How do we pull it off? Where where we going? Where's the live show? We'll find out I'm not there yet but don't you think so this young woman? There's no I can pull this off. I don't think you can. I could pull this off. I'm not sure you can. I could I don't think so but we will. I will so this woman. These people are hardened it's like it's like a TV movie they're angry. They need savior. Come like these lifetime movies. They will trust. He's out of towners right. But we'll we'll this woman fall in love with Tj Hubbard. I have no idea point. Is You know when we speak to the mayor. She's GonNa give you a better than this crap. If she exists in each she's clearly exists on social media. I've seen her because huge. She's the president and social media. Does your speech the other day. You shouldn't over parasite winning best picture right Greg Greg. How's she was in sunset boulevard but but point is You know difficult but you know it shouldn't be easy. Nothing we're doing ever is not a TV did a good job motto Oscar. You did a good job plus okay. But you are a little cobbled. You a Lotta Help Rights Fair Travis. You know People in the town the hotels were easy. Stacey we had some conduits right where where the West literally? This is a lot place and we're going in the fans are going in to change people's lives so this isn't a mix here not a week ago was bragging about how we could do the show outdoors ice fishing in Meadow Oscar venue. That's true we could just set up in some cornfield downtown. Here's what appeals to me about Kenro can't radio is being positive I think can't Rado. She said the two they both said there are six people in Kenner radio who voted for Hillary Clinton. There you go see anyone. Trump voters already knew that lets. You WanNa go. Yeah we're GONNA go find those six cook that way but those people will come to the show to all those big event parade. Maybe I don't know where downtown. Where are they coming to where the show is and where they come out? When we get there I don't know yet. I don't know if we get to another pitch sure it seems at this juncture for Good Talk. Show close beautiful geary Oklahoma. Nope don't like next to Eagle River. A small town. It's thirteen hundred ninety eight nestled in that beautiful north woods of Wisconsin. Here you'll find the kind of quite yet beautiful.

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