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Assault by taliban militants there are reports of intense clashes and barisan ethirajan has more details the attacks began overnight i three suicide bombers detonated explosives close to government buildings in forest city other militants then launched several attacks on the security forces local officials said some of the insurgents had been hiding in civilian houses after they were beaten back on wednesday us led forces have carried out as strikes in support of the off con military local officials said more than a thousand insurgents had been involved in the first assault which started on monday night and barron senator rajin the world's largest container shipping company ap mola mirsky says it will shut its business in iran following the us withdrawal from the international nuclear deal alan johnston has more details the danish firm ap mola mask is in the business of moving container cargo of all kinds around the world it's a vast operation at the heart of global trade but the firm's boss said that with the reintroduction of american sanctions it wasn't possible to do business both in iran and in the us the french energy giant to tol has already indicated that it may abandon a multibillion dollar iranian gas project the announcements have cast doubt on whether european leaders who want to save the nuclear accord consejo god trade with iran alan johnston it's been almost a year since a huge fire and gulf too high rise residential building in london in the middle of the night trapping people sleeping inside and killing seventy one and what was described as britain's worst fire in modern history the scale of the grenfell tower tragedy shamas spotlight on the use of unsafe construction materials used in housing for london's most underprivileged residents in the case of grenfell much of the blame was laid on the combustible cladding on the outside of the tower.

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