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Right. 10 43 trouble early on the Super Bowl. Retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. Let's get right to Kevin and find out if there's any improvement. Well, you know things are getting worse here that lower end of 1 28 95 northbound now locked up here from East ST in Westwood four miles now getting up to this box truck on its side here before great plain Aven need him. Just the right lane is getting by going to take about 30 minutes to get through this back up now from Denham. On up into this Needham stretched Colbun. You've got curiosity delays as well. And that's got you just about back to Kendrick Street. Here in Needham Expressway North found not much better. You still brake lights soon after Furnace Brook Parkway, most of the way up through Columbia Road, more slowdowns heading into the O Neill Tunnel with an overall ride Braintree to Boston. Also about 30 minutes. Expressway Colbun Slow down South Bay down through Savin Hill. Beyond the gas tank, though you're looking pretty good down to the split route three south beyond your off slow going route 18 Weymouth Down to the Derby Street Lane. Drop North Bong slowdowns coming up through to 28 on up into that. Hang them stretch downtown Boston. Lower decks. They can bridge okay that lever down ramp slow getting down to steroid drive. This report, sponsored by Coin Flip Coin Flips Trade desk makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin with low minimums and hide limits. For every type of investor. The team of Crypto veterans provide the best service in the industry, so register now with coin flip tech. It's so flipping easy. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Alright, working in this heat could be dangerous. Today We have a heat advisory through the afternoon again. We're looking at 97 the high in Boston.

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