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You spin with a hebrew letter on each side noon game middle hey gene they stand for ness give dole higher shum or a great miracle happened there of course in israel where the miracle actually took place the dribble is a little different it says this dole higher poll a great miracle happened here vote dan you following no no on invading known not of my job m i yoblokov leninada alone no no no no no no no no not leninada and let alone among low off leninada a man now la la land landed or not whether or not i let alone that was civic sung by honda harani lacked the word grateful in yiddish savan in hebrew means simply something that spins in israel the washing machines don't have a spin cycle they have a dribbles cycle planned radl is a little like playing poker but without the skill depending on which leather is facing up when the dribble stops turning you take from the pot or you add to it part of what pennies peanuts or better yet honecker guilt those chocolate.

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