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Okay i don't think there's many if any five ten quarterbacks in the nfl okay in i think this is where i believe the as or actress the as i think that murray is gonna end up playing baseball okay if he ends up showing up at the ace then i think he could make four million season plus there's always the what's better to play what's more beneficial to play football or baseball and i think that it'd be baseball here okay and let me see it drew brees who's six feet tall russell wilson is five eleven there's only two guys active right allard or six feet or under doug flutie was five ten sunny johnson was five eleven fran tarkenton was six feet tall so no we'll five ten quarterbacks it's all been five eleven or six foot and then again i mean it's not really you don't really work out as a small quarterback but nonetheless getting back to the whole baseball football it's he tries out the nfl like i said i don't think there's going to be much of an opportunity for them given that he's five ten and you pretty much got to be one of the best obviously in order to make it work okay it's a tougher more physical sport money isn't all guaranteed you probably like i said it's going to be tough for him to make money given his size you go play baseball which very good at okay obviously you're good enough to where you could be taken to the top ten even if you're playing quarterback for college football team you'll make four million in your first season all right we'll do first contract should say.

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