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23 Look at you. You are late and good reason for that. We've had problems on the highways We check in with Lori Grandy and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. All right, Here's the latest Jeff 24 North and that crash that we had by 1 39 Inch Stodden that has Finally cleared, But traffic is jammed from Harrison Boulevard to that point there, 1 39. Hopefully that'll ease out for us Soon. Now we still are dealing with a crash index. Very Route three north approaching Route three. A. Your first slowdown, though, is that route 44 all the way to three a. Their expressway. North bank continues to be heavy, granted up to Columbia Road south and also hung up Columbia Road to Freeport Street. Downtown, the liver connector. It continues to be full and and no great surprise there. But 93 is easing out for us getting through Sullivan Square. So that's a good sign Tobin Bridge. Still, the toughest stuff we're seeing is getting through the city Square tunnel to 93. They're 95 North Bong right in the Canton stretch that continues to see a heavy pocket of traffic to Ponza Street to 93. Let's check out the upper end of 1 28. Now with Kristen Neck in the WBZ NewsRadio traffic copter. Laurie, We did find one thing to be aware of that period. Anybody they've got the ramp closed from 1 14 west down to 1 28 north. They've been building a sound barrier alongside this ramp for a while now, so that's closed for the day for the mid day anyways, to keep that in mind. That's what he ate South doing really well from Gloucester, all the way down to the mass Pike. That's 50 minutes. 50 overall Kristen at the WBZ NewsRadio Traffic Copter and the earlier crash inside the Ted Williams Tunnel that has cleared Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three spectacular weekend in the cards. Let's check the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast Here's meteorologist Dave Samuel. Yeah, we'll be making up for last weekend with plenty.

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