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Like Mac and cheese bites. Mozzarella sticks boneless wings, You know, I think about you don't really have to share the three for five sampler. Order on your sheets up and pick it up curbside sheets run and done. Subject. The Wildcats are back home for a rematch with 1/5 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes game. Edit the pregame A 10 45 the tip at 11. Chicago's Big 10 team plays on seventh one way get You caught up with the big political news on Friday morning, and here is the way it went with Lynn Sweet. Let's check in with the Washington bureau chief of the Chicago Sun Times. Lynn's sweet Good Morning, Lynn. Good Morning, Bob. Let let me let me ask you right off the bat here. What's it like driving around there in D C. Now? Well, I think the pictures that people have seen on CNN and that's NBC Fox. Whatever is your outlet of choice show that this is a city that is barricaded in the city center. So as you go. What? Why you see pictures of fencing around the capital around the White House and there soon will be sensing around the mall. When you strut out into the residential neighborhoods, it's normal. So it is to Washington's people that live here When you get into the neighborhood. Nothing's changed. But when you get to the the iconic city center And the Most important places of our democracy, that most symbolic places and the places where the in the place where the riot happened last week, it's heavily fortified. There's thousands and thousands of national guard out. But again as you get into the neighborhood, this is invisible. We heard Joe Biden's plan for more stimulus and help and my question is, do you think he's gonna have trouble in acting? That? Well, first of all, and acting. It is one thing. I think you mean when, when we talk about this big trillion dollars plus rescue plan, and he has to go through Congress and as Senator Dick Durbin reminded me. When we talked about it last night, the other Hold it. Rescue packages has the Senate with almost everyone. 92 96 members of the Senate. So in this case when the Democrats will hold the majority in the Senate. Ah, lot of this film may go now There's some of it that have Things that Republicans may fight for $15 minimum wage, but A lot of these elements are things everybody needs that would include a $1400 cash payment that would be in addition to the 600 that people should or will be getting under them to make it up to 2000 extended unemployment. Age of small business, transit agencies, local governments these air things every buddy needs no matter their politics, So I think it has a high likelihood of getting another made the elements that you know you argue over but something's going to happen. But yes, And then your second question about enactment biting this attacking the government would pros. People are doing jobs that they be there done before our very familiar with En suite last night posted this column that Chicago sometimes dot com Headline President elect Joe Biden picks Senator Tammy Duckworth's to be a DNC vice chair. Did this surprise you, Lynn? Well, here is what surprised me is that it would be a political job that she wanted because she's going into a re election cycle herself in Illinois and 2022. Didn't bite in his been looking for a spot to put her in a higher place on his team. We know that she made the final round subpoenas vice presidential pick We know that she was in place and mentioned play that is to be defense Secretary or Veterans Administration secretary. So having this spot it's a DNC still gives her A blow to play in. The administration doesn't have to leave the Senate, and she's one of several bites chairs, so it gives her a chance to also flex some different muscles than running an agency You're working in the work is a zoo a further I think she also will be expected to do. Perhaps if we ever get back to traveling or fundraising or appearances or something, you know that could lead to other things to keep her national profile up to What do you see? Looking ahead past the inauguration of Joe Biden for the Republican Party. In the in the Post Trump in the post Trump era. I don't know what Republican Party will emerge from this Is that the party of the of the Trump Party where the you know we did get 75 million or so votes. Right and got 81 million. And you want to respect that, within the base of Donald Trump's voters are people who believe in some of the policies that he did support. Conservative judges his east policy. There are things there that you acted in another time and place. He should have been taking the few victory laps, leaving on a high note he did get the colored vaccine developed. Over out. He didn't want to go there. So you have an Illinois and nationally a Republican party's at a crossroads. I don't know how they rebuild right now because of their own divisions within themselves, including The lawmakers that said nothing about about the election deniers. Once. What happened the terrible January 6th at the Capitol once that fades a little bit more, Although it's going to take a long time, will Will. Donald Trump have any power over Republicans when this is all over? I think absolutely well one. We also have to see how the Senate impeachment trial goes, and we don't know when it's going to begin how long it's going to be whether doubly witnesses and whether Trump himself will testify. So his role is been severely handicapped because he lost his Twitter account. He can't communicate directly with the 80 million people. Maybe a few million more. I don't have the number exact that he was able to on a moment by moment basis, So it's some ways he can't. He's not the man he wasps. He may find alternative means to communicate, But nothing will be as good for the short term is that so he still will be a factor. The fear debt got him power that he would support people to run in primaries against Republicans. I think that, at least in the 2022 cycle in some places will still be a real threat to incumbent Republican Republicans. There are many who think that the trump who might have some 2024 potential, and power is Ivanka. What do you think? Oh, no, no, no, I don't. I don't agree with that. She has She doesn't have her father's ability to mesmerize. She doesn't have her father's ability and track record to be able to get a crowd. Now there is a movement that still will. It still exists now, Trump and Trumpism Should blend your questions I have about the future of the Republican Party and Ivanka Vaca cut represents the trump wing of the Republican Party, which Trump's popularity may not be transferable. I don't see how it can be. She is in aloof, remote person. Who is as if you look at her and see her strikes you as elitist. Now chiefs. She doesn't have that touch that Trump had to be able to talk to people to make them think he's relating to them their grievances their lives. And you do have to respect that. Real lives of people who are hurting are out there and usually we see government there to help people who need No, he'd help rather than the other way around. But into this confusing mess if you put a vaca and she doesn't have that kind of base, and she doesn't have a story. What's her business story that you went to work for her? Dad? Bob, what would you say? It's your achievement. Land sweet in Washington for the sun times and on WGN for us this morning. Yeah. Always interesting to hear your take on things. Lin, have a good weekend. Thanks. Thanks so much for having.

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