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From that rack our next report is two twenty five with four traffic reports more often I'm Denise Bondo in the southern California Subaru retailers traffic center Hey next ten seventy newsradio below average temperatures continue across southern California for our Friday can expect lower eighties for the metro areas around seventy four degrees along the coast as we head inland temperatures in the upper eighties for the valleys lower nineties for the in the empire up toward the mountains lots of sunshine around seventy degrees today and for the high desert communities you can expect around ninety six degrees so cooler temperatures continue with this Saturday but then by Sunday we are tracking some changes high pressures gonna rebuild back over southern California and that is going to boost up our temperatures so we will see the return of triple digit heat for some inland communities we are also watching tropical storm I though well to the south of us I was gonna elevator surf as we head toward Sunday night through Monday into Tuesday as well with other California's most accurate and dependable forecast I'm CBS teams Alex distant for can't extend seventy newsradio breaking news from Washington president trump has just announced new retaliatory tariffs against China bumping up taxes by five percentage points he did this on Twitter is a series of tweets uses starting October first of two hundred and fifty billion dollars a goods are going to be tax and thirty percent instead of twenty five and then later on in September what was going to be a ten percent is now going to be fifteen thank you for your attention to this matter says Mr trump others of course falls the other tweets today have bounced the fed chairman and the trade war which affected the markets will have a check of your money coming up just a few minutes away at two twenty right now to seventeen farmers insurance may have seen a thing or two like the commercial says but this is a new one it involves some Taurus at Yellowstone National Park in a rental car don't don't don't don't don't don't video shows one of dozens of bison stampeding through the park and then it remains the vehicle cracking the windshield why should weigh up to two thousand pounds in run up to thirty miles an hour a family member called the incident on video after the herd brought traffic to a standstill earlier this month no one was injured in the car not clear how the bison feels I can't believe we can take the insurance Pam Coulter CBS news to eighteen the LA Janet Moore to supervisors occurred it banned the sale of flavored tobacco.

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