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Guys to get two weeks. Go right you could. You could use that to your advantage from a business point of view. Well we've kind of jumped ahead a little bit. I gotta be honest bob. I don't remember your first time working for me and laughs unlimited. Do you have any wreck recollection of what year i imagine it was about eighty three eighty four I don't remember the year. But i do remember that That the condo which was actually one of the nicer one because it has gm whatever comedy condo that guys set up so it was during that time where you still have the comedy condo. One was that the early eighties. It was called governor square west in fact for a few years. The governor was right across the hall and it was called governor square. Not because the governor happened to live there but that that was just a story. That's come up in a couple podcast but yeah no we. We were when i started the club. I i was directed by other comics. I wasn't directed by my own sensibility or other club owners. It was george wallace. Bob sag channeling people like that. Saying this is what you need to do. And one of the things. I tried to focus on making sure that the entertainers whether a paid him a lot of money or not were treated well and that included having good housing so glad you remember something positive. Yeah it is. I mean it was positive. The only negative parts. I think i saw a couple of weeks from this year. What we won't tell anybody it's only been forty years they off. I feel a couple of dumbbells. I think that would call And you know at the time before. My roommates were Kevin dillon and dana carvey. Oh i think. As i recall we lived in the same house up in the hills and as i recall a lot of times you would book one right after another and it's almost like i would drive up. I drive back almost passing kevin olive road. You know on highway five. 'cause he's going up silver swat and then see back in danish there and he's backing up getting ready to go the next week so it was like this rotation that we well. I mean everybody knows now the knows all those names bed back. In the day i happened upon. U-3 acts not knowing your roommates and of course as a club owner. I'm going to take advantage of that. And get you in as much as i can in what i was able to do by bringing everybody in every three or four months was built a reputation in an audience so people would keep coming back to the club to see you and kevin nealon and dana. Carvey so do you have any memories of working at the club other than the condo. I mean you were there.

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