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Just going to assume trillion because of the outfit. Yeah. So. It's pretty flat. It's pretty gray pretty Brown some snow on the grounds now, but I'm pumped for some upper midwest over planes football. So what is the plan here? We're going to file a couple of these audio moms that we're going to attention stitch together. Yeah. So that people listening at home people who don't live in Minneapolis or Fargo area. You kind of ride along with us experienced this as we do because stance it we don't really have any familiarity with the planes. That's right. And so we're gonna try and do this chronologically and give people the full experience. Even if you're able to be with awesome person. Yeah. People were very happy that we are actually making the trek Fargo. So why not virtually take them with us? That's my thinking if I haven't already mentioned he is extremely flat. At the current moment. You can see for what appears to you just limitless files. Here. I see Brian Hartson lag west. I see Brian. He's just chilling skin ready for the what are they in the biggest bowl there in some other bowl games early? It's Fresno state and airs state, so. So far. I I lose the thumbs up to Minneapolis seek time excited to get back there. Yeah. I wanted to get back tomorrow as you're listening to this Sunday or be on Sunday. Please know anything happens to us are dying. Wish is that you know, that we seem to appreciate the city of the municipality of Minneapolis. That's all that's all. I got the until next time. PM? And we're back in. From curling curling. Yeah. It so it's as you now. Now, it's ten five PM right on. I've lost track of the day seem Friday. Okay. It's friday. We're back in the hotel room. We drinking decaffeinated green tea to keep the instrument. We were created. I don't even think about that. Good job by you. We arrived at five we listen. I'm going to be real listen. It amuses me. It does I took like a twenty five minute nap. You got to see me. Tell Siri to wake me up in twenty five minutes yet. You have the is it the Australian or the British British. I've heard a seri- raise great. And we got a burger a place called pounds pounds. Pretty good not bad. I liked your reception. Dan's ascriptin of the burger place was the burger tastes like the burgers. You get it a friend's house who just happens to be very skilled at grilling really good burger front. Yeah. So was it like a gourmet anything? It was just like a good burger a good picnic for. Yeah. And then we met up with the ESPN crew that is calling the game tomorrow happening in thirteen hours, which was Kevin Brown. Who started this whole not the dodger pitcher, I know. You know, what maybe he has the build who does Kevin Brown DJ Shockley, Georgia. Great store JAL timer and Cole cubelic allburn participant, Auburn Alzheimer's. Well, we love call. We went curling at a local club about fifteen minutes away, a curling club. Because that's the kind of thing that exists in Fargo, North Dakota Fargo North Dakota as it should. And I had a blast. I was not very good. If you go on the solvable Instagram. I I don't know when you're listening. But at some point if you've got it archived allow you haven't Armitage preserved could I'm glad ri-, generally. We split into teams. And we will we learn to curl, which is very difficult to either a stone with a handle, right? And you're supposed one one of your shoes as like is a slick bottom. Very other one is gripped bottom, and you sort of slide and release and two other people..

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