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Forty four. We continue Heather Sharon is managing editor at the daily line. She knows from the mayor's race, and she's not going to tell us exactly who's gonna win. And by how all right. Heather who's winning? Oh my goodness. That's a tough question. I forgot. You're holding out on us. Man, if I knew I'd be putting money on it somewhere because it is a wide open race. It's anybody's anybody's anybody's game. I think we all well, you can't say that I default to be daily impractical in the runoff. It's not that easy. I don't think so because we've seen sort of as very sluggish start too early voting, but we've seen a huge increase in the number of mail in ballots, which says that this election isn't following patterns that we've seen before. And if we've learned anything from the past couple of years, it's not never to assume that past behavior is a predictor of future behavior. So I don't know that we know what the electorate is gonna look like is it going to be younger. Are there be more millennials? And if that is I think it could benefit candidates like dark dark horses that that you know, we are talking about it. Let's talk about some of the races that we aren't talking about as much obviously, the automatic races are also up in a municipal election. And also, the treasurer's Chicago treasury Kurt summers surprisingly said he's not running for re election after one term. This is open the door to at least a healthy debate. And a bunch of television ads. That's right. So you've got a map Pawar who was the alderman in the forty seven toward he term limited himself after two terms, and he's running on a kind of platform that Chicago has never seen. So the treasurer's office. She wants to start a public Bank that would finance student loan payments that would serve as at Bank for recreational marijuana businesses and really using that office to sort of push forward progressive policies. I'm in a way that that office hasn't send us in the past. Also reading is Melissa Conyers urban State, Rex she's also married alderman Keith nerd and also in the valley, and she is a sort of pushing a more traditional use of the treasurer's office. I sort of making sure that taxpayers money is being protected and invested wisely. Also running it's Peter guarantee. Who's a certified public attorney says you need a professional in that office and not a politician. Okay. So the treasury's office up. Up for grabs. Let's talk about some of the automatic races as well. First let's start with some of the the prime time. Incumbents obviously alderman, Ed Burke is running for reelection while under indictment is there any way that you see that fourteenth. Ward voters will will vote against Edberg. You know, I think that is a really interesting question. So. Heaping to on challengers, both of whom have roots in. Garcia's political operation congressman Garcia has endorsed Tanya Patino, who's a civil engineer. She's gone. He's trying to bring sort of a new energy hip fourteen. Twelve also running. Who has won a couple of really prominent endorsements including the trick. Both of them are basically saying, look, I'm not at Burke, and we should not elect him again because he facing very serious legal issues. But I think anybody who would tell you that Egbert doesn't have the past victory is completely wrong. He's out there campaigning hard. If you take a look at his Facebook page, you know, he he is out and about working hard. If he does pull it out. He will have an killed himself at four years on the Chicago city council Kayla, maybe not Edberg because his name recognition will win in the fourteenth. But some of his surrogates or some of his allies the most most specifically alderman Clin in the thirteenth. He's had a lot of trouble. And there's even questions of the legality of some of the the strong, arm tactics and campaigning. But there's there's a young challenger there. That might be trouble. Right. So David Kupa is. Running. And he is actually alderman Quinn for sort of critical mass, of course, aligned with house speaker Michael Madigan, get him kicked off the ballot that didn't work on the ballot. He's he's got all sorts of you know, people out there campaigning for him. Alderman Queen is one of those aldermen doesn't talk a lot during city council meetings, but it's very focused on the business of sport. And I think coupled with sort of his name recognition that Madigan political muscle. You know, I, you know, I would be surprised to see that close. But it's clearly an indication that the Madigan machine isn't what it wants to be. There are a lot of other incumbents on the ballot to that have interesting races names like. Boy, Deb mell Tom Tunney and Joe more up in Rogers park of those races. Which one grabs your attention, which one. Do you think might see a runoff possibly and upset? Well, I think probably if I had to say which of those races I'll be watching closely on election night, which is one week away. My show. Moore was elected as former during the Richard m Daley era and during the Rahm Emanuel error. He turned into a strong supporter of Ron manual, and he's facing a really tough challenge from Maria who is a yawn who leads censored a grassroots organizing in the word she saying that he needs to return to it's sort of usual status as award full of independent she's wedding on sort of an anti gentrification anti displacement platform. And she has a lot of endorsements and working really hard. So she's able to knock off Joe I think that that needed. Occasion that we're going to see sort of a sweeping change a city council. I think that that would sewed ill for Edberg. I think it was bode ill for Patrick O'Connor in the forty s four is also facing a really tough challenge. Pat, O'Connor is the second longest serving alderman after at Burke, of course. And he's also facing four challengers, all of whom are running on a sort of change the direction of the city to a more. So so we don't know from turn out what are your friends in people that you talk to casually who aren't in the business and don't have your level of knowledge of the normal people normal. People you have nothing to talk about with. What what what do they have as a level of interest in? Are you concerned that they're going to go vote? So I think that that is really just the crucial question. I think the problem with this election. If it is a problem is that there are so many more mayoral candidates that I am sensing sort of just a sense of frustration among, you know, regular people gosh, they're fourteen there are so many. I don't even know how to you know, figure it out. So it's probably going to be a situation where if you're able to get somewhere close to twenty percent of the vote that's probably good enough to put you into a what? And I think you started the show by saying, you know, their money on daily and preckwinkle, right? And I think that makes a lotta sense because that if that's the case you're gonna rely on your ability to turn out voters in practical has district teachers union and the FBI you get their people to the polls. And then, of course, daily has more than seven and a half million dollars at this point. And he's got sort of what's left of the Daley machine. And I think any Chicago in worth, you know, knows anything about politics wouldn't count out, you know, a daily in a close potentially low turnout election valley's, Chico. Menendez and Willie Wilson are those next four. You know, I think she Danamon does might be up closer. You know, we saw whole last Mendez Mendoza. Sorry. All right. I, you know, I think that you know, I think also we have to sort of wonder what's going to happen with the Mara. She's got chance the rapper. She's got Kanye west. They've been working hard to register voters. I'm worried about what I don't know that I don't know. Because if there are a whole bunch of new voters that are that are going to surprise us in to the polls that means that worked that we're basically looking than the completely wrong direction for this election fascinated by the last theory out there, which is a Bill Daley doesn't want to be Jeb Bush. He doesn't wanna be the daily brother that fails. So there's some inspiration there. Yeah. I mean, he's running hard. I mean, I think you know, a lot of people at city hall said well, he's gonna flirt with it. And then he keeps not actually going to gear it sort of like he did for governor a couple of years ago. But you know, he's he's pushing hard, and you know, he's out there sort of reading in a sort of socially liberal fiscally conservative last night. After the WTT w debate. We saw him urge a change to the constitution that could change how the city in the state paid pensions. So, you know, he he's out there making a real push for extent, we talked to you wanna talk about the White Sox chances rebuilding. The bulls. I'm gonna have to study up. Okay. Now, focus on your strikes. Thank you for being anytime. Thanks. That's a Heather sh around managing editor at the daily line. And what do you got coming up at nine stuff? Federal judge expected to rule today in a lawsuit seeking to halt construction of the presidential Obama, President Obama center in Chicago, we're waiting on that too ruling this morning and more coming up at nine o'clock from the WGN newsroom and a metro train to get stuck by stalled freight train at number thirty six that was due in about nine o'clock is running forty minutes late now, but it is on the move in willowbrook accident.

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