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Program builder. I think they need someone like this. Or, like a college coach is gonna come in here and just establish a culture established a program and Campbell was like that. That kind of guy that me I would have questions about who was gonna surround himself with Are the staff. He's gonna need help not having NFL experience, but you could work that stuff out. And to me. He's the most intriguing candidate for the Jets. Four down, two to go. Still have the Falcons and the Lions and you still have a coaching pool of Erik the enemy. Arthur Smith, Brian Table, Robert Sala. Some good names Gonna be left off the list. We get to our final two teams next first up with the latest CBS Sports Radio Update. We get back. See me? Yes. Where sports flag a little more than a month away from spring training, and today came the biggest move of the baseball off season. So far, the Mets acquired all Star shortstop Francisco Indoor from Cleveland, along with veteran right hander Carlos Carrasco. The 27 year old Lynn Door is approaching. Free agency team president Sandy Alderson said They haven't had any. Talks yet about an extension but hope to start those in the coming weeks, is already a four time All Star in two time Gold Glove winner in return, Cleveland gets a pair of shorts stops with Major league experience Inomata Rosario and Andres Jimenez along with a couple of prospects. The Buccaneers wide receivers have battled injury all year. Mike Evans suffered a hyperextended knee in Sunday season finale He is day to day, according to reports he was working at practice earlier today and hoping to play This Saturday. When the Bucks take on Washington. The Rams and Seahawks will beat before that one L. A quarterback Jared Goff, 11 practice participant yesterday and hoping to play while Andrew Whitworth Excuse me will return. He's been activated after recovering from a tourney M C. L on his knee, and Seattle safety Jamal Adams said he'll be on the field despite her shoulder injury suffered on Sunday. Rodney Harrison won't as the Browns a place the safety of the cove in 19 reserve list, the sixth person to.

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