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Moldova matic i'm rigorous rigorous marxists lennon spent nearly half of his life outside of russia why did he firstly but the aged twenty five will these great at what he really wants to do and and what the is his party wanted to they needed an organ of opinion they needed they needed they need or modern day twitter in they needed something that you see that they could spread the word and you couldn't do it inside raffarin conditions in russia you couldn't get the printing press organized so you have to produce that outside russia and stra entrance smugglers many copies as he could into russia why was he arrested soon after he returned to russia and eighteen 95 what were the reasons given for his arrest after he returned after a of time he was arrested for a little while well he he he was trying to bring in um a medical literature and russia you you gotta remember that russia at that time liberal democracy with hundreds of thousands of people was sent to siberia just the reading the wrong books um i think i say aleke for being at apart act that egg exactly i mean nothing and some of the the of the of the of the material been reading an an and looking at last couple of weeks because of mocking me center he seems to suggest that yeah he mounted a coup in a in a in a in a in a in a modern democracy which is tightly on truth this is wasn't the condition inside your inside russia without sean who write that the arrest gave him the credentials required for revolutionary how long was he in prison and then a later in exile he was imprisoned for a m nene deliberating months than than was in exile for nearly three years but xl it wasn't xl was was still in thousands of miles away from the in a civilization but he could have a servant he.

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