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Thank you. We hope you enjoy the talk. Morning. We doing well. Today. I'M GONNA talk. On a Cohen from the blue cliff record. And this is a blue cliff record case seven. Asking about Buddha. And I don't often talk about this This particular case is pretty sure. You know there's just really one one main point. But today. This good. Zion concern. Right, Introduction. The invoice statement is not transmitted. Even. The sages if you have never seen it personally, it's as if it's will away. Even. If you discern it before it is voiced and cut off the tongs of everyone on earth, you're still not naturally quick. That is why it said even the sky can cover it. Even the earth cannot support it even space cannot contain it. Even, the sun and moon cannot aluminum. Independently would the Ivana There is no Buddha. Only then are you getting somewhere? If not then penetrate through on the tip of a hat and release great illumination and BA free autonomous in all things. then. Whatever comes to hand is it But tell me. What do you attain to be so extraordinary? Does everyone understand. No one recognizes the sweating horses of the past. They only want to emphasize the achievement crowning the age. Setting aside the mono- matter of the present in the moment. What about set chose Cohen? Said Joe is the one that attack compiled in remember is that right? Lane so he did the poems yeah. Did the pollens. Gabbing he's he's my truth. Collector in the back. I might just lying through my teeth. The main okay. The the example now. H. O.. Asked. Hogan. H. O.. Ask The teacher what he's Buddha. Hogan said U. R. H. UP And of call. The verse in the River Country The spring wind hasn't stood. Deep in the flowers partridges Colin. When the waves of the triple floodgate a high. Fish becomes dragons. Yet fool still scoop evening plumbed water. So Nice it's a nice poem. I remember when I was. Living down in Coal Mullan England. Thing. Was the year before I went trumper came came down to visit to bill picardy used to a group that we used to go to every week. and. So he he visited and You know he's wearing his monk's robes to baton. The baton robes or marine. and he came in and this this lady studied bowing to improve profusely. And non on how don't don't do that kind of thing. She continued patted her on the hat. You know. And then this the story goes on that's just part of that. So he gave, he gave a talk and bill had some pet bill pick out had some pet rabbits. And The rabbits would play all over rim shade really liked him, and then will get inside these robes and everything like that. the only the only thing is that he they actually pooped in his in his robes. As. As it came time for him to leave the got up a few of these pellets kind of fell out to these roles he has. The. Great He's just incontinent. So I. Mean I am actually addressing an Nazi address in the Cohen is. We tend to project all kinds of things onto people who are. so-called spiritually adapt. and. It's you know it's not. It's not necessarily. So this thing is respect which is great and then there are things where we. Go well, I am not a person like that. I, don't have the. You know, say the wisdom virtue of the awaken one to the snus. Or the the Buddha. And I don't have that but at some point. I will amend the disease is right there at some point. I will. What does it take? You know I'm going to illustrate it with a few stories. When it first came to Z. Cla. A there was several carpenters were kind of older than me. And they were really good side. We tend to defer to them and then one of them wanted to. Make this pencil structure, appear. which cost you know four, four, thousand dollars or so and he took us six months to May. Get Hymns based on Buckminster Fuller's twisted. Mostly parallel grams or something no. Mending of parallel bit more close. Belongs. And got all of that together. And does a beautiful structure and Only lasted a year or so he's left out in the snow and he just crushed. And that was that was the end of that. So at that point. My she was asking everybody to. To do drawings for the new Buddha Hall that was that was that was going well, you know I'm twenty, eight thirty. But then. The other part was I'm not going to let them do something so. FILL IN THE BLANK A- game I'm going to do it. And.

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