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Hey everybody. I'm marc lamont hill owner uncle. Bobby's coffee and books. I am a professor a scholar and most importantly buchner. I say book nerd. Because i don't just love to read books. I'm the person who loves to read about the book. I love hearing authors talk about how or why they wrote the book and i love talking to other book nerds about their favorite books. That's why i started coffee in books. It's a podcast all about books. Every episode high. Sit down over a cup of coffee with the world's biggest authors to discuss the most interesting controversial fund or important books. And sometimes i hang out with experts fans another special guest talking about some of the greatest books of all time and today is a big honor for me. It is a big honor for the show. We got a living legend in the building right now and she has. A new book is called beverly lessons from mother. Auntie best bevy. Smith is here good to see you. I'm so happy to see you the be with you. This is like a dream to be on your show dreamed of being uncle. Bobby's i love. I'm so excited to have you on. You know a lotta times on this show. We get people who write certain kinds of books and tell certain kinds of stories not said when we started to show. I wanted to all kinds of stories and have all kinds of people and this is by far the most fun but government is yes. It's the most fun is the most funny is the most personable book is one of the most engaged in books. I've read that we've had. It was fun to read. And even though i know you see you and talk to you all the time working in the industry i learned so much about you by reading the book and i hope that's what you wanted from people that's definitely without one eight. I wanted to set the stage for magnetic in life and so when you are kind of like shrouded by these personas that we build up. That will only do service at some point in time and then all of a sudden you find that. They're kind of like gilded cages ahead. So i set my gosh. This book is an opportunity. Let people know all about me and all my different interests also my background and then that will open up new doors for me in the already has been out one day. I see it everywhere. You don't have a bookstore. So i save a people come in asking about it for the last two weeks and that's a good sign like a lot of times. People will buy a book if they see on the shelf. But i always get excited when people don't see it on the shelf and ask about it. People that michelle obama they did it with tiffany haddish gabrielle union. And they're doing it with your book and so there's a lot of energy behind this book. And i i'm super excited about it. What major do a book. There's a lot of content out that you can do videos. You could do y honestly. It's because the people want me to do a book. It was literally everyone from people that i interact with on social media Celebrities that interviewed many was also my agents. Were like you should do a book and win by agents said it to me on with ca at a time when the largest talent agencies and when she said it to me. I'm like yeah. Okay yeah. I should do a book like you. I'm a book nerd. But i'm also older than you and so for me. People wrote memoirs when they were in their seventies eighties nineties so for me to write a book in my fifties was just like right now. I don't i. The story still had so much left to be told but then. I realized that i could do this. Take one part of my story. Intel that done with bev relations and so wants to agent said that to me. And and once i secured the book deal quite easily. You know. knock wood and give thanks. I was like all get in the book now. And that's what happened was book. You definitely did. You got a book deal. What i thought was interesting was that the book is on andy. Cohen's book imprint yet. Which i was excited about. Obviously you know we got all kinds of connections to show has a lot of professional connections to india and watch what happens. But i like andy personally and like kind of product he puts out and i was curious to know what kind of books come out on a book imprint for any you know and the ambiance which i was a little bit worried that the book might be just about celebrity gossip that it wouldn't be a did i read it. I was like oh no we go learn something today. Yeah we all learned something today and also to mark. I don't really care about celebrity gossip so when my shook my radio show babylon. I literally do not ask celebrities about their personal. I believe kia. Will you sleeping with any of that craft. I care about how you got to wig. Are those kinds of things. I like origin stories with. So i don't care about sleeping with us and that's why even talking to another interview and they were like those interesting that you have slept with prominent people that you don't name them in the book last year because it's not about that and i certainly didn't want him to be defined by the famous midnight slept so i'm certainly not on the name them also to Toward tacky so the book deal exactly. I'll talk trash about tawdry tacky. But i will read it but but that's a hard thing i mean. Was there any temptation or even. Some station was any pressure from publishing industry to get you to write a different kind of book of daily. Do whatever you want to do. I'm so blessed highly paper. I came in with one page of what what the book would be and they were like we love it. We wanna buy it. Wow okay for you. Book nerds an aspiring writers. Maybe it's scrap it. Something almost like sitting in a diner getting picked for like a hollywood movie or like most of a lot of people like thirty forty six hundred pages to get a book proposal in agent might take you and then you have the publisher. Mike read it and you might get up offer but you're standing on a reputation you're standing on the platform already have and people know at a great story. Obviously that you offer and so i. I think it's not just look. This is a testimony talent in which built them. And most importantly what i think everyone can relate to it's about relationships and how you carry yourself in this world in this life you know mark i love and respect you so much i love what you do and by the time i became aware of view. I'm very seasoned person in a lot of different spaces so a lot of people may or may not have wanted to even take the time to even know the new people that come up in buzzing the law. That kind of stuff. But the. I'm the person i was when the was new was next. You will what's new. What's next was hat I have a real vested interest in making sure. I'm up to date on what's going on. And what that means is that my relationships spam from an eight year old multi millionaire who lives on the upper east side to a young ace effort united mean related to spend that kind of think now. I think that that's something. I really wanted to give you the question. The book too is that you know a lot of time to talk about networking. And i don't like the use term that were because i feel there's predatory and said i'd like to connect with people in the gannett way so when i meet lem marc lamont hill. Because i've heard so much about the nice seen on tv. I'm meeting him. Not because i'm angling. Get something out of him. There's nothing for me to get out of. Marc lamont hill. Initially right at that point. When i meet you. You don't have this podcast. You don't. You're not doing all the tv that you're doing all of that but to are hella.

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