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Not a bad decision on their part the right time. I have a memory of my sister, I think going to summer school or something. I remember her for a whole summer having the project of like watching or no. She was reading two thousand one space odyssey and then watching it. And then we had to watch it as a family. And I just remember being very bummed out. I was like, why are we doing this? Because we're supporting your sister, you still haven't seen it still have not seen it. Jeff. Garland was going to take me and the new person that I'm dating and it was going to be a really weird. I experience and I'm glad it didn't happen that way as much as I love Jeff, garland. I feel like it would have been a very weird way to watch a film. Pointed at us. We're going essentially. Yes. He's done. He's a both of my co hosts, Mike and Jason. He's done a lot of they've met him at at UC at the turnament of nerds, and he's like, oh, okay. Yeah, I figured, yeah, you're on the sim show. Yeah. Yeah, I met him there and he's just like he found out. I'd never seen thousand one. He invited me to go with him and his sons on Father's Day. He said that he, he told everyone that he wants to adopt me. He found out that I've well, he actually announced he told me that I have a boyfriend who you sitting next to. It was like my friend, who's I get your boyfriend? I could tell. I'm gonna take you to the movies, then we have to use the term. He was. He made us official. Over you Vanson. This are human who goes by his own rules. Yeah. And so then we went to see Mr. Rogers instead. Oh, with Jeff garland, which was weird because I asked, I asked Alec and I was just do you wanna go see Mr. Rogers with Jeff Garland's like, yeah, I'd like to cry next Jeff, car. He's up crying. Great episode of your podcasts. I'm sorry that you weren't there for it, but he was kind of filling. Yeah, he come did not a bad guest host to gets a Jeff garland. Yeah, and and apparently there was a lot of just bizarre reference to something grandfather granddaughter magazine magazine. Okay. Bob sack. It's going to go right it working really hard on this. Did he make it up in your podcast? Yeah. And now he's taking what the fuck is happening way that he now went in and pitched this thing that was a bit on our outcast mad magazine. That is what happens. I'm not sure the guys know. Well, okay. Well, that he talked about granddaughter magazine and I said, you should do that for mad. He's like, okay. Pointed at him and told him. Turned back on because our dynamic can I say, one thing about, so that was that was a great episode that you guys had. And then my sister's also a listener to your podcast and Shia text at be. I think I'd listen to like maybe seventy five percent of it or something, and she'd text me and she was like, you can shout out at the end like you out at the end and I went, okay. Like wondering, like wonder what what they mentioned, like maybe my Disneyland Paris. 'cause I talked about that on your podcast and I listened to it, and all it is is Jeff Garlan going, what's your, what's your Instagram for this podcast, Julia Prescott? Who is that? Is that your girlfriends curl friends. Thanks Katie. That's cool. Mistaken for my Carlson's girlfriend, what an honor, but hey, you were wonderful. So sincerely what? An honor? Yes. Indeed. Yeah, probably both glasses. Where's the confusion from? Yeah, Yeah, you you are. were. You were so much fun on there. That was, we talked about the bizarre mall outside of a Disney Disneyland Paris, which is declared to be the the least magical place in any Disney property. Probably Paris in in Paris in general? Yes. Jessica than Disney village. So it's between like dirty parks where people are like jangling a shitty twelve dollar Eiffel towers at you. Maybe I don't know..

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