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Gives the speech where he talks about how the us and russia should have a better relationship thing said russia may provide the us can include in a much more collaborative ships in the energy industry and then he sends an email to to people on the trump campaign and says i'll send you guys are read out soon regarding some incredible insights in outreach have received from a few russian legislators and senior members of the presidential administration here later he claims he was only offering to brief the campaign on what he saw russian tv and in the press but we do know from his testimony to congress that on this trip he met the deputy prime minister of russia and an executive with the state oil company then in the fall of two thousand sixteen reporter start asking carter page questions about all of this and he leaves the trump campaign so like with george papadopoulos it's still not totally clear how important carter page was in this caddick campaign but ran luca says here's why these two guys matter for the longest time everyone in the trump campaign was same there's nothing whatsoever going on between russia and the trump campaign and to even suggest as much as unfair and and it's just frankly ally and what we learn through puppet up lists is a puppet up was had long longrunning contacts with russian officials going through the summer we know that carter page had contacts with officials in moscow and was having conversations with them and we know that both of them were keeping senior campaign officials informed of those contacts so why did trump campaign officials constantly say again and again there are no contacts with the russian government russian officials at all when they knew that there were was it because it was politically difficult to accept that they did have contacts or is it because they're trying to cover something so the third a person who worked on the trump campaign who has connections to russia you need to know about is paul manafort paul manafort worked on other campaigns in the past for ronald reagan and bob dole he was also a lobbyist uh the technical term for what we do law firms associations of professional groups do his love for purposes of today i will admit that.

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