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In America. Loving citizens. From seats are shining sea welcomed the frontlines of freedom. Who are we're going to look at our dysfunctional congress today. Thank you for joining us. It's a pleasure to welcome help vet dot net into the frontlines of freedom family as a show advertiser. If you're a vet in any kind of help, you know where to look help vet dot net. Joining me, it's a fifty caliber microphone today is co host air force vet Josh lane. What's going on? Josh. Colonel a look at you playing coy like you weren't at the MLB awards ceremony on Wednesday night modeling with another best in category trophy for this show. This makes the sixth award per frontlines of freedom again being recognized in the regularly scheduled weekend broadcast personality or team category. Having aired on our flagship would radio in west Michigan. Thanks to everyone on the frontlines of freedom team for pulling their weight and doing it. Oh, so well into the fine folks at would radio who helped us create this program and who support us in our production each and every week, Tim Fagan, Phil tower and John ilk. You guys are all radio Rockstars in your own minds hand hours to are. Josh we'll hear from Chief Warrant Officer role. Dash we share some more, wisdom and marine vet skip coryell. You seem to be a happy guy. Skip happy happy happy. I am. I'm very happy. Happy happy. I mean, the cold and frozen north is starting to thaw out. It's like spring could be just around the corner. Right. We got almost up to freezing today. Did. Yes, we did. And it's expected to get better. Yeah. I love it is we have for you today. By the Colonel, I'm gonna discuss the horrible unprofessional an anti-american way, the US congress and our nation's media tried to keep our president from having an effective meeting with North Korea. Dave workman from the second amendment foundation. We'll discuss yes..

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