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From two networks less than six months before this endemic. How dare how dare these grade wash. Wwe fans believe that nonsense that the wwe a billion dollar company needed to release anybody. That's why i think if anybody now is going to be look even worse because that is two billion dollars between three deals in the last eighteen months. Wwe is in such great shape and they're in such great shape for years and years to come with this deal but the counterpoint to that is an up. I i agree with you. One hundred percent. But i'm i'm glad they're not out there. Well they are essay. They got ms k. Saint some of the talent that they bring to them and then they by the way. M s que. Your prediction last week was wrong. Sp three finally nixon. I think your prediction was or maybe it was gonna run into the buzzsaw known as the killian dane and me talking back back to the topic. Yeah it's very 'cause they could they're gonna lose footing in that war. I don't know what an inch. Our ratings are verses annex t but i would think that an itsel ratings are probably going to be a little bit higher so that would be definitely an option. Which they they're gonna lose any footing in the w they're gonna have to come up with stuff. Your your guys is that they go to pay per views where we're going to have to pay for them That higher tier again. Then they're going to have to get off their creative asses and bring me like you said because i feel like You know as much as i love. Wwe in we. We love to go to wrestlemainia stuff but some of these your survivor series. Somebody said some of it's just like hey we're gonna take a powder here you know. We're just run because it survivor series. We don't really need to put a whole lot into it you do. It's time that the fans starting. Oh hey we want something for our money you know and you know if anybody's gonna do mediocrity. We're to do it right here. On this podcast. You know. we're just not going to collect a billion dollars of course but no we are trying to get back that's stranglehold on mediocrity i'm sick. Wwe haven't wwe owns. It owns it now but that. That's that's the whole thing like my biggest question with this deal was. How does this benefit peacock. How does be in That's probably a question i could ask to. Jain is like you being someone that owns like a street. We say how does peacock in return for their one billion dollar investment if they're not charging extra for pay per views..

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