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This is the first regular season series since moving over to cover the giants. Yeah this the only thing that was one of the things that was great with seeing all the security and heinsohn's people especially on the people that we didn't see last year when was cova So that was actually really really wonderful. The only thing that was weird wasn't weird being on the field which i thought it might be. It was weird when the game started. And i realized i was covering the team that was hitting first and that for some reason that was the one where i was like. Whoa whoa wait. What's car that team that. That was a weird thing for me. But you're not covered the rangers for two years. So i've covered the the visiting team here before. So i guess obviously as a million years ago but shouldn't be that weird but i was i was it was. I thought it was going to be strange. Not sitting in my old seat. But i was delighted to get there and find that they had given my old seat to the late pedro gomez. There's a little spot there. For pedro and i loved that so somebody else's got my seat. I'm absolutely thrilled. That it's pedro matt. kawahara That was always wonderful to talk to you on our joint podcasts and we will talk again closely into the season and figure out where both of these teams are heading. That could be very exciting or hey we'll talk again in. Maybe an october before. Bay bridge serious. That's my plan. I have another bay bridge series. And then maybe they can give back that little weird trophy. Do if if there's a world series between the as the giants do they also have to give back the bay bridge the commissioner all right. Thanks everybody for listening. Thanks so much for listening to this. Combined edition of the giant splash as plus podcasts. Our producers today where king kaufman and g allen johnson and our music batter up with written and performed lauren. Gold henry east louis. We'll be back next week with more. Giants anees podcasts..

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