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I feel taken advantage of. To say the least I think that it's. It's that demonstrates the level to which. Certain organizations and sources will sink for click bait. Not sure what else to add to that. Tony anybody aside from me. I mean you said, you got other emails about the article any other prisoners reach out to you and what do they have to say they all had to say, pretty much the same thing we can't believe what we what we've read here, and we wanted to make sure you saw it. I, I appreciate you taking the time. I appreciate it coming in. Oh, is my pleasure. You know, it's, it's, it's weird to do the shows that I do and, and, and to have a story that is quite literally in your backyard with the people who you know, and you've come to, to, to love and care about in this way. But I can't say enough that hate it kills the brain and what we are all witnessing in our politics is absolute rang, killing kind of stuff things, we know are untrue things. We know that are indecent things. We know that are impossible and implausible getting pushed as the standard and acceptable. And somehow news worthy. Well, it's worthy of conversation as, if somehow this critical thinking idea is something that is evaluate isn't a value. This isn't critical thinking, with Busby news is engaged in here is nonsense, and pablum. There is not a reason. A sponsor is still on BuzzFeed news. There's not a reason that anybody who actually thinks of themselves as a good decent person who wants to engage journalism still works for BuzzFeed news. There's simply no reason for it is, if you called it laughable rabbi Sandro is wholly disgusting that anybody still thinks on any level in any way. There is something here that they should go back to work for tomorrow. Nothing not a bit. Not any part, they should simply say no they should simply walk away and social their sponsors. And this will be the last time BuzzFeed gets mentioned by me. I'm Tony cats as we March to what twenty twenty.

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