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If two thousand eighteen was another year of I'll get out of this bad job someday. Why haven't you considered an information technology career is because you're not a math whiz? It's okay. It's not rocket science. It's my computer career, click, the add or go to my computer, career dot EDU and take the free career valuation. Today. You could start your new life as an IT pro in months, not years, Matz, classes, meet on campus or live online. Just a few times a week make new year new career your resolution have my. Computer, career dot EDU. Neat, amy. I'm Amy Amy is the Queen of routine routines are great until lunch and dinner. Get stuck on repeat. I do eat a lot of chicken and broccoli that now with her home chef meal kit, Amy is introducing her Sante Panton new ingredients every night. Wow. Nice to meet you found butter sauce that Amy just made like someone who knows how to make Brown butter sauce. Now, I do home seven eighteen delicious choices each week like on the banner for thirty dollars off your first order. Iheartradio top Shurmur songs, you summed up number three swang Auden know how we do. Young. Number two, throw some oh featuring Nicki Menaj. Number one black vetoes, featuring Gucci mane. Nothing. In the Rigel rocket John Lennon like the fields hear more from Ray Shurmur and similar artists. Now search for Ray Shurmur on iheartradio, all your favorite music, all your favorite stations, all free. St. Detroit. Two. Brooklyn. Unknowns number moves choose to Bruce. Talk. Let's stick athletes three. Or you take..

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