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The lower decks. Take umbrage. Lever connectors OK in both directions, as are the river roads and airport tunnels. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes As Kevin mentioned, We do have that rain out there. Mostly South Shore South Coast. Seeing the rain right now, parts of the Cape and Islands. It's coming down in a pretty good clip, actually seeing some pretty heavy downpours making their way over the Cape Cod Canal. Little bit of a mix in some parts of the South Coast. Mattapoisett Fair haven New Bedford getting over into Lakeville in Middleborough, seeing some showers and awesome sleet. Maybe the occasional snowflake as well Now later on Throughout the rest of the day, we'll see these snow showers and rain showers Lingering throughout the afternoon, again, mostly south and east of the city. Could maybe see another round coming back into the city of Boston for the ride home later today, high today about 35. A little closer to 40 if you're right by the coast or tonight, mostly cloudy and cold, some more flurries and Sprinkles popping up in the city and points north and west. Maybe some steadier snow or rain showing up again tonight and tomorrow along the South Shore, the Cape, the South Coast. Low tonight about 32 twenties, well, inland and again watch out for those icy spots is everything freezes back over later on this week, but more sunny times, But it's really not going to warm up all that much. Ah, hi between 35 40. And we take a look ahead of course Friday into the weekend looking pretty dry. That's a plus. But again, not warming up too much. It is January and it's going to feel like that. We're 32 right now in Groton, 33 in Lawrence Singh 34 in Bridgewater. Right now, in Boston at 10 of five. It's 33 degrees. More than a million people made their way through the nation's airports yesterday, according to the T. S A. They say this was the highest checkpoint volume they've seen since the start of the pandemic back in March. People making their way home.

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