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What's that they're winning. Those have been a mind that not recognized. That killer instinct. I recognize it you. Someone woke up the bear. Let's go on k. U. s. right. Now come on on good morning. San diego worn here smart here emily. We're all here. Who for battle of the sexist. Today boys get ready for a beaten. My girl. Emily has come ready for bear just here. That's all eleven when she's feisty this magic one two punch and she's knocking everybody out. She's gonna kill us today in our football paul. Paul helped me out without thinking about it too much here. Who should i choose in our football team. Should i choose to go the furthest in the nfl this year. I'm mana i like the chiefs. I think the but i like as well all right. I'll try and get them. Thank you for the help there. Paul all right guys battle of the sexes which you guys are winning by the way ladies need to win today to get a tie. Isn't that right. I think we're behind even more than that. It's twelve ten behind by one is twelve ten to that was last week ten. Yeah exactly so that close to victory. We lost last week girl. You did rather badly check the tape. I'm not interested in facts. Okay we just checked it his twelve ten okay very go spam on the sex is now you know how this works. I'm going to ask emily and lauren. Three questions that any of us guys should go. Oh that's easy and the same thing for the guys. I'm gonna ask you three questions and emily launch and be gone on. That's easy that's why we call a battle of the sexes and we'll see who's going to be the winner here we go ladies you get to go first on battle of the sexes question number one. What is the name of kurt. Russell's character in tombstone be your huckleberry. Is that from that movie. Sorry what isn't kurt. Ross's character in. Tombstone what do you think ladies huckleberry is that what you said. And why why. I hate this show. I hate this job. I hate my life so much. She pulls it straight up. Let me reach bag. Say wider as it turns out job. Emily don't where it's over. It's at for us so let's give it a shot. Guys here we go. Here's for question one share. That's the characters name share had a closet that was categorized in her computer. That would select the perfect outfit for each day. In what chick movie. Come on. Paul paul paul paul paul papa papa you watch you paul share and what chick movie. I don't think he knows ten ways. Leave your boyfriend. Now no no. That's not clueless. Explore lewis right. All right girls go. Let's try this one question number two if a man. Is that the gym. Like a man. Like nathan fletcher and he goes work out. I'm working on my deltoids. What body part is he talking about. just deltoids that that's right back here just seven times. The shoulder blade shoulder. Yeah yes yes your shoulder's whatever correct yes guys you got to get this one to stay in the game you ready. We gotta get this here. We go other than beyond say name. A member of destiny's child williams. What are lessening was williams. Is that good enough judges. Ms williams no says got one. The other rolling and williams were the names. They're both correct. Are we accepting that ice. The judge absolutely what. I'm impressed that he knows their last year. We got their first names. Are kelly michelle. Well done paul. Paul nicely done all right. You're still in the game. They get this one right then. We're debt but let's hope against that here. We got ladies. What is the unique feature on. Vise grip pliers. What's the unique feature on. Vise grip pliers spring spring. She says that don't that aren't those the ones they come to a point they've got serrated like little edges on the inside right and the sure. I also raw close. Now it's not unique feature on vice grip pliers day can lock in place. They can lock in position. Yes all right vice and market can tie game here here. We go guys. Lc from the tv show the hills as a fashion brand sold exclusively at well. How renew taylor rumbling. Here retailer a fashion brand sold exclusively. What remark what do you think. Guys mervyn tar what one what. One tar tar zsa zsa. One in here. I didn't hear what does he say wasn't tired walmart walmart. One serious little impartiality arnot. Coal knows arrow cold hold. It's cold all right. Ladies when i got one one guy goodness all and marc gradually colors. It was a very old one an amazon return. Walk right past her line. That's right there you do that. You take your amazon returns over to kohl. And i always. You're one of those people i am. Yeah that did you hear high and mighty lawrence saying you're one of those. I heard it. Are you one of those walk store. Go into kohl's and do the amazon return. That's impressive so you just put it in a bag of mail. Most that's why i'm saying. Emily is one of the ones that will actually physically take it to any costs three dollars. I'd rather.

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