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Welcome to another name for everything so full disclosure when it came to this. I was super tempted to start this by singing the theme song of the Empire Strikes Back because today's topic is Jesus and the Empire those. You're transferring Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun AH okay I'M NOT GONNA keep going. That's good enough. You guys can do the rest. Sorry Lucasfilm's at that. No no because it's your interpretation of it right. Yeah yeah this is for me. This is when we really see our own skin in the game. How does faith become a living prophetic thing? And not just something that we talk about on Sunday mornings for an hour and a half and get weak coffee and delicious. Cookies afterwards Yeah the Nice Christianity that we grew up with the Jesus the flowing hair and the perfectly white clothes. Which what. Why are we did that? Come from he's wearing white clothes in the blue sash came from that must be like somewhere in art history. There was value assigned to that anyway. The Jesus who's sitting there with the Blue Sash and the little lamb and the children and he's looking so sweet obviously is a construct of certain cultures and Traditions. Did Not grow up with the ask. Jesus the Jesus who was not afraid to stand up to empire the Jesus. Who was actually prophetic and a radical activist. Not In a zealotry. Let me say again. Not In zealous way but in a very powerful creative and non violent way. Do you remember when you discovered this kind of wild radical deeply rooted. Jewish rabbi called. Jesus like that that that one that kind of lives and breathes and not the one of the pasty the pace. Jesus a pasty Swedish. Jesus Yeah Now. I think I think somewhere along along the somewhere in my own trajectory while I was still in a in a mega evangelical church. We started a conversation about the history and the context of Jesus it was like the Textual Historical Studies Movement. That was sweeping all the megachurches. It seemed but that conversation of beginning to understand what was happening. Historically and Jesus's time what was really taking place to help us relate to his life and the scriptures in a new way I remember. It was like it blew my mind. I was probably. I don't know nineteen years old at the time and it felt like I was just encountering Jesus for the first time it's funny you say that you're nineteen because that was when it was for me when I was Bible College and I had a professor who I always give her credit for ruining my life because she helped me see a Jesus who was much more different than what I felt like I've been raised with. And what does it mean to find? Jesus who speaks truth to power who is not uplifting empire but is creating alternative community outside of empire living simply healing as a political act like it is it. Yeah I felt like the scales from my eyes and I was like this is Jesus. I've been looking for a longing for by just know existed and has huge implications for us right because if the universal Christ is alive in the example of Jesus the we have to kind of look to that personal gateway to understand what are the universal implications of that. How are we supposed to be living? And how do we relate or choose not to relate to the empire of our own times and in our own context so well said. I think I'm grateful that our conversation on the Earth's Christ took us to a place where we can look at Jesus own relationship or non relationship with empire and implications for today. And I have to acknowledge that this is a a weight and a half this conversation as we think about how we live inside of an empire where we know that there are injustices the play and this is not something that just happened. During Jesus time out we're living inside of empire now and that that the the weight of that just kind of you can kind of feel it in the air our yeah. The stuff isn't easy. Yeah I mean but nor should it be right like at the end of the day. I think we're all longing to you. Really live this out and understand how we can live this out and I really appreciate that. Richard highlights the fact that there's a cost. There's a cost to actually living this out. There's a cost to to wanting to live into this. This type of prophetic imagination that Jesus is showing us Is Somehow the Kristich Way. Yeah and there's also a joy there too right like in that community that that decides like actually I feel called compelled to live a different way from a different set of values. There's a joy in going on that journey together even if it is outside of the norms and you something that I kind of wish we had talked about in. The episode is the role of joy in Jesus. His Life Right. He's not exactly described as somebody who was heavy or morose. He's being described as somebody who was fully alive and had dinner parties with the wrong people. And I just I want to just show that because this is hard and as we talk about it. I think it's important to remember that that joy has a role to play in this to that being together with people you love and laughing and sharing meals together is going to be a part of how we live into this. Kristich path together. I love the I mean. There's something like whatever your own internal monologue is. If you get down Jesus would have been invited you to a meal. What would Jesus do bracelet? But then like what would Jesus do.

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